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Author Topic: Is it the paying for it that turns us on?  (Read 769 times)

As some of you may have noticed,  I have a bit of a thing for the older woman.  As an early twenties guy,  I like seeing escorts in the 40-55 range.  This perturbed a few folk who say things like,  "can you not get that for free?"  and "hang out side a Daniel o'donnel show and you'll get some!". 

Well obviously,  some of us punt for the convenience,  and lack of effort,  emotion or such like.  I see girls my own age in my personal life,  they most certainly have their qualities.   However,  I decided to take this advice and managed to meet a lady on tinder.  She's 46, decent looking and as you can imagine....  Sex mad.  I think she has a string of guys like me on speed dial.  However,  she drives to mine with little notice and performs all the services I enjoy,  and like I said,  she's crazy and massively dirty.

The thing is,  having seen her a few times,  sex is good and all,  but it's not doing it for me anymore.  I think I like paying for it.  As in making her my servent for however long,  is this just me.  I've been at this a couple of years and always figured I'd just stop when I settle down.  But I love it.  I also love visiting wg's who's faces I haven't seen yet,  being at the door waiting for her to answer,  no idea what I'll be shagging later.  Sometimes you get a nasty surprise,  sometimes it's like my birthday.

Maybe to you guys,  these are the naive musings of a silly wee punter,  but it just got me thinking.

I think paying for it is a massive turn on! (I also like a bargain,  for reference I have plenty money, but I get a real thrill of seeing how much I can do to someone for as little investment.....  That's not normal is it? :-)
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Conquest of shagging all sorts.

Offline JazzMan

You need a 3 some with a mother and daughter.
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Personally, I think the answer to this question is "no". In my view there is no greater turn-on than the realisation that a woman wants to do it with you; and for no other reason  than that she fancies feeling your cock inside her.

Nothing beats the walk up the stairs, etc, when its for free.

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Not for me, that's the worst part! If I could pick up the phone to any of the prossies available and get it for free that be be awesome!!
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I certainly don't begrudge a good wg her money but it is fucking her, not the fact that I am paying her that turns me on ! OP perhaps you could do a fantasy roleplay with your milf friend, where she pretends she is a wg and you pretend to pay her ? Might save you some money because it sounds like in all other respects she is right up your street. If you do decide you want to keep on punting, then getting carried away with the paying aspect may make you long term just look for wgs on the basis of how expensive they are rather than how good they are. You might end up spending more than is sensible.

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I suspect the reason it's not such a big turn on any more is familiarity.  It's always exciting the first few times with a new chick whether it's civvy or WG. Eventually the novelty wears off.  Wouldn't think it matters much whether you're paying or not -  although apparently there are guys who get some sexual thrill out of being "money slaves" - takes all sorts I suppose.  :unknown:

For me I would much rather have a civvy relationship but with a girl with all the sex drive and sense of adventure of a top class WG.  Then, rather than simply pay her cash every meeting I could afford to find ever more exotic places to fuck her instead.  :drinks:
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Don't get me wrong guys,  it's still very much about the sex.  Different sex with all sorts of different ladies.  I just find the whole punt a bit of a turn on.  I certainly wouldn't be up for that financial abuse shit that some guys are into,  but if it tickles their pickle........

I think I wanna try a sauna some time.  I like the idea of looking around and picking the one I want.  Misogynistic yes.  I won't deny that.  That's why I largely keep this behaviour a secret and am also probably going to hell. Hahahahahah

Offline a10

It's the putting my cock in her gob, then spunking on her face that turns me on  :hi:

Offline HappyCappy

I dunno I think there's something to it.

I love the fact I can just throw a girl £50 and fill her mouth with my cum. I love the sense of control over the situation too; we are there for my pleasure and her bit of the deal is the money.

I also kinda get a bit of an added thrill when you can tell they are a bit desperate for the money.  :sarcastic: That sense of power gets even more potent.

It's also getting girls who'd normally not look at you. I'm not exactly the best looking guy in the world and filling a girl almost half my age with my cock is a big thrill. I just hope I don't catch my daughter at this one day! She's getting to that age now where I'm having to worry about the possibility!  :scare:
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