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Author Topic: Have your punting habits changed over time?  (Read 1531 times)

Offline Largs43

Edinburgh being my nearest city, I started in the London Street & Blair Street saunas. Easy to just turn up any time & take pot luck with whatever girls were available, just had to try to remember those with good or bad recommendations from UKP. I don't get 3G on my phone in these places, so can't do a last minute check on a girl's name.

Then progressed to a few WGs listed on AW & UKP with good feedback, as they'd be wearing stockings/lingerie and guaranteed to do OWO. It's a bit more hassle setting up an appointment, and having to keep to it, relying on trains to be on time etc, and filling in time before the meet if need be.

I found better opportunities with AW girls to explore a bit of role-play, makes it all a bit more personal.

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