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Author Topic: LMP December 14 (Lady Marmalade Parties)  (Read 911 times)

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Offline ATMIV

As part 2 of my Christmas special (part 1 being a great hour long punt an hour earlier with Cheeky Hands - separate review already posted)

I  arrived about five mins early and was very impressed with how luxurious the 2 bed apartment was and how welcoming the 3 girls were

Ivana - very slim attractive tattooed girl
Emily - slim very attractive girl with great arse
Gabby taller really attractive girl (my fav)

All three had a Latino appearance were really friendly, great fun and fucked with enthusiasm throughout the 2 hour party

A total of 5 blokes (3 initially and 2 late comers) so ratio better than 2:1 as advertised

Ivana showed me to a large bedroom and gave me my clean towel and bathrobe and showed me wear the ensuite

Quick shower as I had only just had one at Cheeky Hand's

As I'm drying myself ivana knocked on the door and asked if I was ready. When I came out into the bedroom I saw that the other 2 guests were enjoying the attention of Emily and Gabby on the massive bed.

Ivana de-robed me and gestured for me to sit on the chair next to the bed before kneeling infront of me and commenced a great BJ with DT and ball sucking
After about 5 - 10 mins of oral she stood up and put a condom on me before straddling me on the chair it was at about this time the other 2 guests arrived

A quick change of position so I could fuck Ivana from behind as she knelt on the chair and I blew my first load.

Ivana cleaned me up and went to greet one of the new arrivals as I donned my robe and left the bedroom to pour myself a glass of wine before round 2

Round 2 was with Emilly who was lying on her back enjoying some RO from a fellow guest she caught my eye and beckoned me over to plop my cock in her mouth after a while she decided she wanted to be spit roasted so with me lying on the bed getting blown she received a good rogering from behind - great fun!

Once my partner in crime had done all he could and excused himself Emily bagged me up and rode me cowgirl style before turning around for reverse CG - I was eventually joined by a new partner in crime and it wasn't long before she was eager to be spit roasted again but this time it was me who was banging away from behind with all my worth and there endeth round 2

As I left again for more wine Gabby told me she was next I said definitely - I was saving the best till last

Following a longer break this time I passed Gabby going to the bathroom saying she'll be right back and I wasn't to start playing with anyone else

Glad I didn't - she laid me on the floor and started a great blowjob on me really good sloppy one with bags of eye contact this went on for a long time before she decided it was time to fuck and expertly bagged me up using her mouth and suggested doggy

After a most enjoyable doggy we switched to mish to slow the pace down and I started fucking her with just my knob - something she commented on liking and encouraged

Mish with variation in depth and pace whilst a girl plays with your balls constantly gazing into you eyes is great but when she draws you in to the hilt and whispers in your eye "now give me your spunk - your balls have gone hard and tight - I know you're close" well!!! That was it and I blasted into her with a gusto to meet my inevitable end

More wine and a quick visit back into the bedroom only to be spotted by Emily who was blowing a party goer - she wiggled her arse at me unplugged herself to speak and informed me the wiggle was an invitation!

I laughed, thanked her and informed her that my mind might think its 19 still my body knew better!

Although I did have five orgasms over a four hour punting period that day.

All in all a fabulous party which I would thoroughly recommend - I will definitely go to their next one in March and may even book back to back parties
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Offline ATMIV

The title should read LMP December 2014!!!!

There wasn't a party on 14th December Dooh!!!
Banning reason: Prossie fanboy

I'm so gutted I'm missed one... I'll defo get booked up for March.

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