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Author Topic: Pune, India - advice and recommendations ?  (Read 2916 times)

Offline Lukej123

Off to Pune in a couple of weeks for business but wondered what my opportunities for some fun were.

Anyone know the city?

Questions: what is best ....indie incall at hotel or outcall?  Or is it safer/better to use sauna/massage place?  How to best organise? Can the hotel help or anyone know an adult work equivalent?

I'm less worried about looks as I have a broad range of looks and type that float my boat.....for me it's more about attitude and safety. Someone discrete but fun who gives the feeling they wanna be there?

Any thoughts or recommendations?  Or even an active forum for punting in Pune/India.

Thanks in advance gang.

Offline Taggart

I spent time in India in 2011 and 2013, and tried to put things in place for a punt in Delhi.  I found that a number of agencies are run by men, and were asking for rates you'd pay in London, like $250US - in a third world country???.

Plus TBH you dont have any idea if the WG's pics are really of a Bollywood Babe or the genuine thing as there is so much fakery and scams in India. For example, are they going bait & switch chosen girl for a back street skank who would do the deed for 40 rupees (42p).  It is estimated India has 76MILLION homeless, many sleep under plastic sheets under road flyovers. The poverty is terrible, so some try to earn whatever they can.

In Delhi, my hotel was near Connaught Circus, a busy vibrant area, and close to New Delhi station and GB Road, where most of the cheap hookers can be found, but it's a hovel, a ratrun of rooms and corridors, and not for the unwary. There are also a lot of under age girls down GB road. Whether the Maitre D at the hotel can help is another matter of course, but all the Delhi hotels I stayed in had airport-style baggage scanners and metal dectors to ward off terriorist attacks. That may put a lone female off too.  I wont go down the caste route either.

In the end, I decided not to pursue a WG, as (a) it was simply too much trouble and (b) another major concern was the high level of diseases - HIV, STIs, TB, scabies and so on.

Anyway, my views based on a total of four trips and 6 weeks in the country, and remember, everything in India is negotiable.

Offline Lukej123

Well I'll bow to your knowledge and experience

A. Having never been to India
B. Having never punted outside uk!

Bloody shame though as I'll be unusually "off the grid". Had visions of it being quite prolific and easy!?

Back to AW when I get back.  :D

Offline Tetley

it works best when you have friends out there, keen on the punting scene, and yeah truth be told an overnight in india can cost say like £30 i wouldn't say it is amazing, but it is good enough, having punted in Punjab and Mumbai its a hit and miss with the prossie you'd get

Offline Jamessn

All the above is true. Not worth the risks involved, all good hotels have security and would spot someone coming in, unless she was western. Security there give their own people a really bad time in general, moving them off the hotels beaches, stopping them all the time etc etc.

Risks are health, being scammed and found out. I have lived in India for up to 9 months at a time, including Pune, and gave up the idea of a punt completely due to all the risks.

But ultimately its up to you.

Offline rocky101

Off to Pune in a couple of weeks for business but wondered what my opportunities for some fun were.

Anyone know the city? ................Any thoughts or recommendations?  Or even an active forum for punting in Pune/India.

Thanks in advance gang.

Hey Mate, Not sure if this is too late.

I've lived in Pune and Mumbai (India). You will find far better choices and more options in Mumbai than Pune. On an average I've had better punts in Mumbai than Pune. Mumbai is 100-120 miles north of Pune so you could go there on weekends if you like.

Situation : Prostitution is illegal in India and there are legislations that enable charging customers for 'criminal offence'. So always be very careful in your pursuit.

Some advice
1. Stay clear of the small massage parlours, adverts in newspaper and street girls . For the risks involved (police raids / robbery / health etc) its not worth it. I've always punted with Indies and one incall place that was very reliable
2. Check on ISG or more on WSG under the Mumbai forum. There's a lot of advice (but also a lot of people asking for information). I may still have some contacts who could give you some advice if you are interested.
3. If you are staying in an upmarket hotel, it would have a spa. You could try there, some usually provide some 'hand-relief' but its dependent on the masseuse. Its best asking her if she provides any 'extra services'
4. Though it maybe cheaper to punt there as compared to here, I'd avoid brandishing a 'dollar/sterling' sign on your forehead outwardly. You're more likely to attract the wrong people than the right WG
5. Most importantly, understand that its a different culture / country so be patient and accept what the country has to offer graciously.

Good luck, hope you have an enjoyable trip.


Offline Marmalade

I'd ditto most of what Rocky said. First off, India is a massive country (used to be classed as a continent) and the variation can be quite astounding. I don't know Pune, but have punted in Mumbai. I'd say the easy beginners route (at least in Mumbai) is just to ask a taxi driver. As mentioned already, it's only a couple of hours away. Decide on where you want to go (or a landmark, like the famous railway station. The other rule I have on hiring a long distance taxi in India is pick a taxi driver, and I hate to say this but it's from experience, pick someone who you could intimidate more easily (if you had to) than could intimidate you. This is not just that some taxi drivers are pure scheming cunts, but the habit of driving at night with no fucking lights is not my idea of relaxing transport. (I don't know what trains are like from Pune to Mumbai, but Indian trains are an experience in themself... different planet, but mostly in a good way imo).

Delhi is quite a trip away. I haven't punted there as far as I remember, but GB Road isn't a place I would venture down at night based on going there in the daytime (and I'm fairly adventurous in dodgy areas). It was a few years ago, and once you get to know your way around (geographically and socialy) things are easier, but GB Road gives little avenue for escape if someone decided to mug you, that was my feeling.

The easiest city in India I've visited for punting is Calcutta. It has a dedicated red light area with everything from cheap as chips to get-your-bankroll out. But although it is an amazing place it's far too far for a quickie trip from Pune.

A few tips on India in case they help.... a) forget your watch. Totally irrelevant except for planes or business meetings. Things happen when they happen. That's 'time.' b) learn to read people. I can't think of another nation with such a contrast between total scheming cunts and the nicest, warmest and most hospitable people on the planet. You have to work out if you are being given a sales speel or whether someone is just genuinely being nice, and when you do it really pays dividends. c) Look after your stomach but not fanatically so. Unless you are eating only in 5 star restaurants, some food will be amazing and some will make you ill. If you taste something and your instinct says, "no", politely push it around your plate for a bit and leave the rest. d) The old British Raj style of "who you know" still works. If you can affect high class British manners convincingly and speak to people who have influence, their word is their bond and they can cut through mountains of red tape with a wave of their hand. Good luck. Enjoy. Be polite. Remember to smile!

Offline Mart1976e

I'm often in India on business trips.

I'd stay well away from any RLDs, they are pits of misery. Massage parlours regularly get raided by the police and they can target clients. Seriously, not an easy place to punt even for those with contacts.

Those Indian guys that can do so go to Pattaya for R&R.
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Online Munching32

India is no place for punting...definitely according to friends I know...they would just make do with porn videos and helping themselves in difficult times.  :D

Its wise not to go for punting as there are too many crooks about and if you get stuck ! it would be SHIT in every way...personally, socially and ofcourse you might be doing rounds at police stations bribing your way out...so simply go to Thailand its only 3 hours away by plane...

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