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Author Topic: Cara at Annabellas (MK)  (Read 1251 times)

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Offline dawsonuk


Also on AW, but can't find the link at the moment.

Booked her through Annabellas after talking to her via AW first, then text. Comms very good via text.


Young, english, friendly girl
Facially very attractive
Good service overall


Slightly larger below the waist than the pictures suggest
Somewhat distracted

I met Cara after arranging a 30 min meet for OWO with CIM finish - paid extra for this (£20 I think). I was impressed with her pics, both on AW and Annabellas. She's got a blog as well (google caramay escort). Met in Annabellas as previously described, prefer not to meet in parlours but went for it anyway.

Very pretty girl, as in the pics. A bit of a slow start, and some direction required to get things going. OWO was ok, elements of DT but definitely not a PSE experience (there was no walrus involved!). Had paid for CIM but never really happened properly as she pulled back at the crucial moment. Managed a glob on her chin though which I was happy enough with.

As previously mentioned, she is a bit heavier below the waist than the pics suggest, and her tits are not the best for such a young un. She'd barely wiped her chin clean before checking her phone, and then asked me if I wasn't really into fucking. Er, well I'm not - that's why I'd asked for oral. She seemed a bit disinterested overall. Mind you if I was sucking stranger's cocks for money I'd probably be the same. And I met her at the end of the day as well so she'd probably been run through a few times by then.

Overall, a positive punt. But only just.

Offline vt

You shouldn't have paid extra for CIM at Annabellas...either the girl offers it in with the standard price or she doesn't offer it, it's not a chargeable extra...you were scammed...twice actually, as she didn't even do it properly!!  :thumbsdown:

Offline dawsonuk

Fair comment, but to be fair to Annabellas this was something that I sorted out in advance with the girl. Not sure what to do about the fact that she didn't do it properly - small claims court for trades description breach maybe?

That'd be a laugh filling that form out  :yahoo:

Offline vt

Yep, obviously Cara's fault for charging extras when she shouldn't be!  :thumbsdown:

Lol re the small claims court...perhaps the judge would send her 'down' for a long time...well, long enough to take your load properly as agreed!!    :D

Found her on AW... Here she is:
https://www.adultwork.com/2710517 or https://www.adultwork.com/CutieCara

Looks very nice but I do not like Annabellas - last visit there was not a great experience. Never say no...but might get back to Sheffield one day!!  ;)

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Offline 8a8ylon

From her AB services CIM isn't part of her services on offer only on her AW page at £30 on top, so I guess its something that u would need to ask the girl.

But agree that she pocketed ur £ thou.

Seems rather along way to go to Sheffield to see her.  Bite the bullet & save urself the travel & £10 extra.

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