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Author Topic: Asian Punters - A Problem?  (Read 6848 times)

Offline adindas

Hey I'm pretty new to the world of punting but I've noticed that on independent escort websites like Adultwork a lot of escorts make it clear that they don't want to see Asian or Black men. But I have seen it more frequently with Asian men, this brings a whole array of questions to my mind.

Your wording should read some ...

Do most escorts mind seeing Asian men or it is an issue that a lot of South Asian punters face?

As above not most of, some
Having been to a parlour many times where I sometimes meet Asian punters punting without a problem ...
If they do they will normally indicate that in their ads...... Just avoid it and look for someone else ...
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What about Chinese/Japanese Punters?

Offline mf_1101

I read that some black/asian WG's won't see their own ethnicity because they fear bumping into a relative/community member or something.

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