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Author Topic: Angel Karoleena?  (Read 487 times)

Online Stiltskin

I try to stear clear of parlours these days, I don't like the production line feeling or the fakeness that comes from some girls. However, I've got a real thing for Karoleena of IA Woking (ex HOD). She has the perfect figure for me, not skinny, but not too chunky and her face is gorgeous.

I was all set on seeing her until I saw her Realpunting video. She was 'cumming' with seconds of being touched :rolleyes: and that theme carried on for the whole 30 mins. I'm wondering if this is her typical routine, or if she was just putting on a show for the camera. Faking of orgasms puts me right off.

Has anyone had any experience with this lady?


Offline Jacob

I've seen her @ MKE, just a 30 minute Punt when I needed it so OK and did the job. No problem 'services' wise and enthusiastic (OTT maybe), certainly not your girl next door GFE type but friendly enough. Has a large tattoo around her bikini line if that's of any interest.

Online Stiltskin

It was the OTT thing I was worried about. How do you politely tell a girl to tone it down a bit?

Regarding the tattoo, I've seen it and they don't bother me. I'd just like to be the guy that spent a couple of hours with his head in her crutch painting it on her!

Offline Ali Katt

It was the OTT thing I was worried about. How do you politely tell a girl to tone it down a bit?
You can say 'Shhh' and put your fingers in her mouth, in the past I've just said 'come on there's no need to be dramatic'.

On a punt i ask ,
whats the rules and the no go areas and what do you like enjoy or what gets you off

when the answer that i normally say

no faking no heavy bitting and dont spit on my cock    please

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