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Author Topic: Isabbele~Young  (Read 640 times)

Hi All,

Has anyone had any experiences with Isabbele?

Profile looks great but...too good to be true??  :cool:

https://www.adultwork.com/2706629 or https://www.adultwork.com/%7EIsabbele%7EYoung

No experience, but it looks dodgy to me.

Accessing from Romania
No Ratings
Reasonable Price - lots of Services "like"

Although, she has a UK Contact Number, but I wouldn't take the risk. However, if you do, and it's good, let me know - she looks stunning!

Offline Ben4454

Ask yourself - would a girl like that really recieve hard sports ?

Secondly she says she is from Spain and has brown hair yet accessing from Romania.

Also these photos look like they were ripped from facebook. She also has a private gallery so I would day PG scam or timewaster.

Romanian so probably both.
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How can you tell accessing from romania?

Offline nigel4498

How can you tell accessing from romania?
It tells you in the bottom left of the profile.

She has been around for a few months a when I clocked her previously the contact number has always been up. IMO If she was genuine someone would have seen her since October as the photos are like honey to a bee. This would mean some form of feedback even on AW. Too risky for me but why not TOFTT  :hi:

Offline scooby73

Agreed. Would be amazing if real but i fear not.
Please let us know if you take the plunge :)

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