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Author Topic: Jet 2 Discount until 31 Oct (£100 off)  (Read 807 times)

Offline Cactus


Had an email through from Jet 2 saying that they are doing £100 off on their holidays/city breaks.  Enter the discount code 100SAVE at check out for a £100 discount.  Only seems to work if you book more than 2 people, just got a price for Thus-Sun in Budapest for £130 each flying from Edinburgh in mid March.  If cash is tight, you can just pay a £60pp deposit with the balance payable 10 weeks before your flight date.
Was planning a number of long weekends next year, this could be ideal.
Hopefully this may assist some of you chaps planning punting trips to Europe...Amsterdam, Barcelona, Budapest, Krakow, Malaga, Prague, Dusseldorf (always fancied it since Auf'wiedersehen pet) and Milan among others!
Hopefully someone will be able to take advantage!

Hey ho, let's go
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Offline Jerboa

That sounds a good deal, everytime I look flights alone to Buda are pricey.

Talking of Auf Wiedershen pet, found this clip on http://youtu.be/ZNemr_r9F_I look at 4.35, It looks similar to the Bahndam RLD In Dus, but not sure.  :thumbsup:

Offline Tricks

I agree Bahndam RLD In Dusseldorf.

I spent many a happy evening there in the early 90's.

Offline Cactus

They have this offer up again...however after I booked my trip to Budapest for March I looked back and flights plus hotel was only marginally more expensive!  Maybe not as good a deal as I first thought as hotels can be had cheaper elsewhere.  Worth a look though perhaps

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