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Author Topic: Kinki.Vicky AdultWork  (Read 766 times)

Offline Toshiba

New? No reviews......looks romanian, not much to go on

If ya not sure then dont

Offline eeeasy

Sounds like wait for the reviews before booking
Banning reason: Abusive + Threats

Been keeping an eye on her, only lasted a week and no login since xmas day-looks seriously dodgy, caution.

No chance mate. I'd steer well clear!  :timeout:

Offline Highlander

Definitely looks Romanian. I've also noticed a few of them describing themselves as 'preety'. Doesn't have bb ticked though which is rare for a Romanian. Sergei Probably just forgot to tick it.
Personally I presume all Romanians are STD ridden sex trafficked gypsies until told otherwise on here so I wouldn't touch her with a 10ft double bagged barge pole

Just window shopping anyway (for now)

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