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Author Topic: I suspect a scam  (Read 1857 times)

Offline Queynte

Got this reply today when asked a new WG if she took bookings:

hiya babe :) i accept a deposit of £5 before all bookings to secure the meet. you can pay via bank trans or amazon gift card :) everything is included in the price and once i recieve the deposit i will give you my number so we can speak on the phone, have a bit of dirty talk and arrange the meet :)

Clearly a scammer which I suspected on reading profile alone. She offers bb, so had no intention of meeting, but was looking for scammer confirmation in order to alert the forum.

Offline yorkshire123

Any chance of a link buddy  :hi:
(Not that I want to see her just to warn any that may want to)
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Offline Queynte

Link to this Profile Page using https://www.adultwork.com/2795560 or https://www.adultwork.com/janejizz - Get QR Code

I didn't alert aw, so I'm not the only suspicios person

Offline Queynte

I've sent aw a copy of the email, so I suspect profile may disappear soon. Best everyone looks at photos as these are usually on next profile of scammers

Offline Drillakilla

She's certainly a looker....... :lol:
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Offline seeker

They look like a pair of ugly plastic dolls. :crazy:
Who ever is behind this £5 thing is a twat  :hi:

Anyone fucking stupid enough to pay the £5 is an even bigger twat!  :dash:

Been punting nearly 20 years and never been asked for a deposit!!! 

Maybe I just have an honest face? :crazy:

Offline auldie63

She is actually a Princess of the Nigerian Royal Family.  :manhater:  :vomit:

Offline seeker

I wonder how much £5 is in Nigerian money
Might be a small fortune  :sarcastic: :sarcastic:

If you all pay me £5 each I will go and try her..... :dance:

Offline auldie63

If you all pay me £5 each I will go and try her..... :dance:
Sure, just PM me your Bank details and I will send you it.  :hi:

Likewise Taz  :thumbsup:  Swiss account or Paraguayan?  :sarcastic:

Mind the review tho - no losing your ipad again!  :crazy:
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fuck me i knew there had to be more than just me  :yahoo:  :drinks:

Offline Ben4454

Pictures look like she or he ripped them from facebook. Also lists hardsports as a like. Looks definately like a scam and she looks chavvy. Who on earth would send a desposit before the meet.
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