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Author Topic: sexysharon from barwell  (Read 466 times)

Online redt4

As above,  anybody got any ideas what happened to sexysharon who lived in barwell, met her a couple of times but went off the radar a year or so ago.....would love too see her again but assume she has retired from the game. .......

Offline CoolTiger

I noticed her profile disappeared a while back. I suspect retired now.

AFAIR kissing was not on the menu. also, she offered MMF with her partner and had a separate profile for this.

Just dug out a previous thread on her.....


Online redt4

Your quite right kissing was a no no, but thats about the only thing she ever said no too....gave her a right good spanking on one occasion!!! Left her bum cheeks quite a healthy glowing red....lol

Offline CoolTiger

I recall subscribing to her PG. The reason I remember this is ClimaxMan then posted in the above thread that it was him who took the photos for her.

Personally, I could not take any pics, even if asked, cos way too dangerous carrying them around with you, trying to transfer them to a secret location on your PC or even storing threm somewhere.

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