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Author Topic: In a dry spell .  (Read 532 times)

As a punter who prefers Indies I have to say that I have never known a period like this, I have messaged 9 WG's on AW since Saturday and haven't been able to make 1 appointment. Even girls with good history and feedback seem to be having a prolonged xmas break with 6 of my emails not even opened. Then lo and behold 2 of the girls I have been chasing for months email me and say they are both available on Wednesday morning and I am busy !!!#I am starting to walk with a limp  :scare:

Offline Mansell

Know the problem, but as you say all of a sudden it's all happening again.

Got 2 of the top girls booked in the next 10 days and 1 very fit looking new girl as well. Busy busy busy  :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

Review time soon.

In my default saved search I filter out any girls who've not logged in within the last week. And it's very apparent how many have been totally off the radar screen for the whole holiday period. The search results are just now starting to look more healthy.  Happy days! :drinks:

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