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Author Topic: naughty scots nina  (Read 1867 times)

Offline brunch_bar

has anybody meet with this lady?

i've had a search but can't find anything, she's local to me, has caught my eye and her AW feedback seems decent enough.


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Offline jambogaz

Yep.  Met her about 18 months ago, for a half hour incall meet.

Nice girl, reasonably attractive, a wee bit on the chunky side but carried it well, nice breasts and very smooth skin.  She was very friendly but loved to talk.  Pretty intelligent so the conversation was at least decent.

Very clean & from what I remember the "O" was uncovered & pretty nice.  Wee bit of kissing, but very light, and a reasonable cowgirl ending.

Didn't really get into it with any great passion, however, didn't want me pleasuring her, said it was all about me, just a punt by numbers really. 

Overall, I would see her again, but there might be a better connection with an hour appointment, and the Nuru massage sounds appealing.  My hours don't tie in with hers though, so unlikely to be back anytime soon.

Offline cammy

ive meet her bout 2 month ago but she had long brown hair an quite nice but think there could be two girls working that profile on purple site .did she have a tattoo on her thigh bud an one on her arm it think it was a buddha face on her leg .would like to meet her again but says on her profile short red hair ?????? be good if you could let me know if its the same girl you meet 18 month ago

Online seeker

The purple site  :sarcastic: :sarcastic: :sarcastic:
This is ukpunting you can say adultwork without fear
Free speech for the punter . :thumbsup:

Offline jambogaz

Hi Cammy. 

I can't honestly remember tattoos etc, but from what I recall, the pics on AW are definitely the girl I met.  I think she colours her hair regularly as her profile pics back then were dark brown/black but when I met her she had turned blonde. 

Would recommend as a nice friendly punt.  Almost certain she works alone.

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