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Author Topic: small olivia - Hackney  (Read 4466 times)

11 review(s) for small olivia (9 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline the lurker

A bit late but here is my review of small olivia

https://www.adultwork.com/2220536 or https://www.adultwork.com/small+olivia

As others have said, a very conspicuous door just behind the Tesco, well lit which is both a good and bad thing. I paid 90 for 1 hour incall which went up almost immediately to 100, I must be very good or very bad. Olivia is a pretty rather than beautiful Polish girl, her english is ok but she didn't give me much time to talk. She was in the flat with a friend (no idea if she works but didn't fancy her anyway) and a dog. The flat smelled heavily of smoke, but not in the bedroom, after giving Olivia the cash she went out for 2 minutes and came back and snogged me right away. She tasted strongly of mint mouthwash and I could tell after a while she had been smoking, I don't and it wasn't enough to put me off. Her: what do you like? Me: just normal vanilla Her: ok, everything then  :) which is pretty much what she did. Fully involved all the time except what I think was a fag break after each pop, always tons more mint when she came back. Passionate kissing, deep owo blowjob (I am not huge), covered sex in cowgirl mish and doggy. Olivia is a really good fuck, pushes right back at you and is always smiling. Even at the new price I will be back, though if it goes up any more I wouldn't, purely for the area. If she was 120 in central I'd be there right away.


Dodgy area
Not very discreet


Smoker breath, normally a neg for me but she did a good job of covering it with minty mouthwash


Pretty face
Great body
Smiles all the time
Enthusiastic fuck


Always up for more and got 3 pops out of me in an hour, first time in ages

11 review(s) found for small olivia linked to in above post (9 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)


Did you ask her to put the price up? i think she will hike up to £120

Offline the lurker

No, I didn't, if she goes to 120 in the same area I won't be back. I'm used to paying 120 in a decent area in central London, I'd be happy with that if she moved area is what I'm saying.

Offline mrhappypants

Lurker,  thanks for another useful and interesting review.  What is the closest station please?


Offline the lurker

Hi, Hackney Central is the closest, H Downs is not much further I think if you are on that line.

Or 10-15mins by bus from Bethnal Green station on the Central Line.

Offline cardsout

do you still have her postcode? i might try her out if she isnt too far from the station

Offline the lurker

I don't have her exact postcode but the big Tesco at e9 6nd is less than a minute away walking

hi all

Has anyone seen olivia recently. Her number is not online adultwork which  normally means shes not available. I have  contacted her before and was availa le even though profile said no

So if anyone has her number please share with me please. Unless u know she has gone away on holiday or something.

Thank you

Offline hasaaaaaan

girl from pictures it is not a girl who works there now red-haired girl working there its no good
Banning reason: Abusive troll

Offline The_Don

girl from pictures it is not a girl who works there now red-haired girl working there its no good

Like to add more to this?

no good

Offline hasaaaaaan

Banning reason: Abusive troll

Offline The_Don

normally idiot  :crazy:
Really not explaining anything, apart from having a dig?

B&S, bad service etc

Or just an issue with you. :lol:

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I predict a how's-aat! For hasaaaaaaaan. Tick tock

Offline hasaaaaaan

Banning reason: Abusive troll

Small Olivia is back or what? Her profilo is active now, I ve tried to text her but she diden' t reply. Her new name is now @lena, Simeone has been there? Thanks.

Offline the lurker

That's not her, profile sold I think

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