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Author Topic: Would you be comfortable paying for your escorts online?  (Read 2346 times)

Offline azrael

Yeah right let me get my divorce papers and  the anal raping by the csa  :dash:  :diablo:  :scare:  :scare:

Offline Barry Shipton

I still find it amazing that northerners rely on Pimps as opposed to making arrangements direct with the pro$$ie  :unknown:
Don't know about the rest of the North but in Newcastle I reckon most escorts are indies, about 60/40 split compared to agencies.
On AW today there are 325 prossies on offer on Tyneside, the two biggest agencies have 108 girls on their books, throw in all the smaller agencies and I reckon it's around 200. They're all on the punting wiki if anyone has time to do the maths.
Impossible to tell as some AW profiles will be fake of course, girls work for more than one agency and still work as indies on AW, plus there are those that just advertise on Vivasteet, plus girls giving handjobs in massage parlours.
Don't think that's much different than London where there are 4000 girls on AW but there must be hundreds of agencies if you can be bothered to trawl through Google.

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