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    Author Topic: bianca/ nts  (Read 933 times)

    Offline tojosmith

    i was up at nts today went to the room with bianca. scottish lass about size 12 .  got on well with her she has big boobs service in room very good owo. her oral is very good. came in her mouth. very good to talk to got on well with her. it looks like another booking on the cards soon.
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    Offline JazzMan

    Did you not see Ebola, the coloured girl from Africa?
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    Offline tazman1002001

    It's offensive to say "coloured"  :dash:
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    I'll agree, her blowjob technique is brilliant

    Offline Argento79

    Any more chat on the bj technique?  I like a lot of tongue and attention to the balls.  She sounds interesting enough to tempt me into a sauna visit.

    She's very chatty, bubbly and has impressive curves. Huge boobs.
    The technique was amazing. Deep throat, the perfect amount of sexy and sloppy. She seemed pretty game for most things. Unfortunately for me her be was so good I was at the brink. When it came to sex I lasted about s minute.  Haha.

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