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7 review(s) for Hot_Raisa (4 positive, 2 neutral, 1 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Offline ashtboy

I am using this forum couple years now but decided to join and share my experiences with everyone

Duration - 1 hr
Fee - £90 + £10 for OWO

Comms - I will write in the end as was few Neg in cooms

Location - a small flat in Sudbury with free car park  .

She is the girl in picture and Romanian. I am not very fan of them but her body was killer in picture ( I like this size girls  :lol: )
Paper work done and I asked her if I can get shower . Small shower but clean . She had lot of clean towel . While I was walking to shower heard a voice of other punter from other room . Later I asked her and she said they are 2 girls in that flat

Anyway. As soon as I come back she came to me grab my face and start FK which was very nice . Soft and lot of tongue . Well this is first time I seen a Romanian doing DFK and seem she enjoy it

Slowly remove our close and move to bed.nice clean bed . I was kissing her about 15 min . Then move to lick her small lovely tits . Not everyone taste but I really like this size tits . Move to oral . Lick her puss out and finger her till she came ( obviously mainly was fake but she did well  ) she told me she more enjoy play and Lick her clit instead of finger

Her BJ wasn't great . Start very soft and nice up and down but she doesn't know how change speed . Maybe she is need time to learn .
Asked her if she can go deeper but she couldn't . I asked her If I can help her to gently push her head down and she said yes but still she couldn't  . Small mouth but she tried  :wacko:

Condom on and start fk her Doggy .Love that ass.  Start slowly and then faster . she does very nice moan and was real natural . When i heard she is moaning  i asked her to play with herself . She is shy girl and needed some help :) she did and I stopped move and she start grind her pussy and to back and forward . she really enjoy it
Move to couple more positions and finish in condom while her legs was next to her head and I was fk her very hard and fast .
Doggy still was bold for me as she as fantastic ass.

Meeting and her service was good but why is natural to me :

When I called her she was asking me some stupid Q which was so annoying  .
Where are I am from
What is my name
How old I am
Did I see or her flatmate b4

Firstly she answered her call . She wants to talk no text . I was so piss of and hang up the phone while I was trying to arrange the time and ask her location 
She called me back and said sorry and because of her safety want to make sure I am not dangerous  :dash:

WTF .  I can be polite and give her fake name and fake nationally and be dangerous for her when I see her

Anyway .. maybe she scared from Romanian pimps or whatever ....
Too many extra . COM or CIF was 30
Anal was £30 but she said she wouldn't do with me even in promise to be gentle  but she said I am big and will hurt. She said if I was Chinese she may do it .  :angry:

Her pussy is was very wet and she keep was worry about condom and asked me to check if condom is on . I told her she may can't feel the condom but I do and I am care more than her but that keep put me off

When I put her legs next to her head and fk her fast she stop me few time and asked to do slowly . Well wasn't my fault for hear pussy  was too wet and make shag voice very laud

Well  my first Review is border or natural and positive but I will go for natural and her communication wasn't well with lot of stupid Q

If you want to see her she is not even close to PSE . She is more GFE but very soft version .

Am I going to see her again ?. No . With 100 pounds I can see other girls which I didn't see them yet  :hi:

Sorry for if my first language is not English and also I am using mobile to write this  ;)

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7 review(s) found for Hot_Raisa linked to in above post (4 positive, 2 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline ashtboy

I forgot to add.
She does ball licking and also u can rim her which I did in 69 but no finger allowed in her ass

Offline maxgeezer

Thanks. Was contemplating her or her flatmate myself. How tall  is she? Pretty face? Are the pics accurate ? Can't  decide if she is blonde  or brunette!

Thanks for the info

Offline ashtboy

Thanks. Was contemplating her or her flatmate myself. How tall  is she? Pretty face? Are the pics accurate ? Can't  decide if she is blonde  or brunette!

Thanks for the info

she is about 5' 3" or 5' 4"

pics are accurate but she is not blonde , but she is not dark brunette either . her face better than her pictures but she is smoker  :dash:

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