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Author Topic: LuanaLips / Agent.Provocateur - unexpected duo  (Read 1737 times)

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Offline Urban_G

First up, I wasn't sure what section to post this in. The first time I spotted these profiles they were working in London somewhere but have since moved about a bit - Epsom, Hemel Hempstead, Kingston...

I wanted to finish last year with a punt but was unable to due to an unforeseen minor cold which delayed it until the new year. During this time I was scouring AW and a newish profile of a girl in London called LuanaLips caught my eye and so I decided I would go and see her when I was better. I had also noticed that she had a friend called Agent.Provocateur who I think is called Juliana.

https://www.adultwork.com/2774043 - LuanaLips
https://www.adultwork.com/1882156 - Agent.Provocateur

On New Years Day I decided to give Luana a call to arrange a meeting for the early afternoon. By now she had changed location and was now working in Epsom which is within my punting range. Confirmed services and price, half hour including kissing, OWO and sex for £80. I got showered and made my way to her place.

The venue
She was working from a small house just outside main Epsom town, inside wasn’t fancy or plush, just average. The bedroom was sparse of much furniture but fit for purpose. I was greeted at the door by Juliana and she showed me to the bedroom and lit some candles while I waited. Luana soon came in to introduce herself and began to confirm services price. She couldn’t speak much English so Juliana helped and confirmed but then said it was £80 for one girl but £100 for both of them. Again I confirmed what was included just in case and all services I wanted were on offer, so I went for the duo option.

The girls
Both girls are South American but I’m not sure from where exactly. Luana has that Brazilian look, nice dark olive skin and very pretty, I’d say a good 7 or 8/10. She has a curvy figure and a slightly large frame but not fat at all, what I consider a proper woman’s figure although her tits seemed a tad small for her size. I would guess her age to be somewhere in the low 20’s

Juliana is older, probably late 20’s or early 30’s. She is smaller and slimmer with a milky complexion and has smallish tits, in fact compared to Luana she looked more like an EE girl.

The session
It started off with me and Luana having a full on snog and some foreplay on the bed while Juliana took a phone call. Before things got too heated I asked her to get Juliana as I heard she was off the phone by now. Luana returned and started giving me a BJ and some more kissing. Soon Juliana came in and joined us. She started by kissing me and shoving her boobs in my face then I asked her to join Luana in sucking me off. After a few minutes the condom went on and Luana started to ride me while Juliana kissed me. I then told her that I wanted her to fuck me now and they replaced the condom. At this point the phone rang again (it had rang during the double BJ) and this time Juliana answered it and left the room. ‘WTF, leave that,’ I thought to myself and instead of waiting I just started to fuck Luana again. Juliana came back and started kissing me but I thought I won’t bother swapping another condom to fuck her yet.

Things went a bit downhill from here. The phone rang a couple more times, but to Juliana’s credit she didn’t answer it again. They often talked to each other in their native language and it was obviously about something other than the moment with me and I found that a bit off-putting. Anyway, I didn’t let it get the better of me while I was fucking Luana and soon I felt ready to cum so I suggested they let me do it on their tits. They positioned themselves in front of me and began to kiss each other a bit before I exploded on their bodies and I even caught Luana a bit on the face :D

We all got cleaned up and dressed and said our goodbyes before I left.

Final thoughts
Overall I thought this was a very good punt and a nice way to start the year. The fact that I had only gone to see one girl but was offered a duo at only £20 extra was a nice bonus which improved the VFM factor and was only slightly let down by the phone ringing a few times.

Would I return? Yeah I would if the same offer was on the table, otherwise I would only see Luana again as I found her the most attractive.

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Offline cardsout

Apart from the leaving for the phone (which must be annoying), which one of the girls would you say offered a better service. dfk and owo specifically

Offline Urban_G

Only Juliana left the room. Luana was with me the whole time and she provided the better service with regards to your concerns.

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