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Author Topic: anyone had the pleasure of either of these in Perth  (Read 738 times)

HOT_KATY_HOT or sexy debbie lee

just wondering if anyone may have had the pleasure of either of the above, tried a search on here but nothing came up! cheers

Offline Jake1980

Not seen debbie but that Hot Katie Hot is part of a group who go on rotation around most of Scotland (ie Perth, Stirling, Fife, Dundee, Borders) based on them showing up on my searches every once and a while as the 0131 contact number is a giveaway plus about 75% of them have the same profile info.

Based on experience with a couple of them the pictures will be accurate but possibly 1-2 years old and there's no chance of getting oral without, it's be an ok / decent service but not great and not worth the £80 h/h or £140 hour rate unless you're desperate
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