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Author Topic: New site in grange town  (Read 846 times)

anyone visited?

Between Clive St & corp rd.

Is it ee and if so the good type or the not so good type!

This place has been spoken about on the to good to be true thread.. I have stayed away for now as the profiles are constantly rotating or reappearing with different names and sometimes the photos are of the same lady but also on a different profile.. krysha.. joan.. and 2 others are linking to this place.. I am sure one of us did go there and encountered 2 so called dodgy looking fellas and left before he made it in.. but somebody has TOFTT..

Well I was on my shagathon so took the plunge.

chose Jessyka

https://www.adultwork.com/2791729 or https://www.adultwork.com/jessykalove%2A

coms before were good and it was the girl in the photos that I spoke to and saw.

elected to go in daylight

Place is crammed with all sorts of rooms off rooms.

Saw a couple of girls in the reception area that I was glad I had not chosen - they looked miserable, under nourished and young dressed in dressing gowns and slippers that had never seen the washing machine, smoking their heads off, right scanks. It was like entering the parachute club before the smoking ban!

anyway elected to see Jess as she is more mature, she said she was 32 profile says 34 I say somewhere between mid 30's and 40 at most.

fabulous figure, exquisite legs and bum, ample breast, not a bad looker, great kisser and fabulous BJ played out with enthusiasm. Will post a review. ;)

well guys (n girls, not to be sexist) that's my bit for the start of the new year, its over to someone else to go on reckie with these newbies. Unless we do we may be missing a delightful experience.

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