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Author Topic: what has happened to EmmieX??  (Read 580 times)

Offline owocim

Was really looking forward to arranging a meet, then she has kind of disappeared since mid December. Anyone know if she is returning as I am keen to give her a try

Offline owocim

Sorry here is the link- [[Link hidden, login to view]] or [[Link hidden, login to view]]

Offline Quesadilla

Nope, sorry, saw her a while back and had a great punt; she used to post here reasonably regularly but I did notice she'd gone quiet so not sure what's up there.  :unknown:
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Offline Qwerty

Looks like she hasn't logged in to AW since 14th Dec - I seem to remember she posted saying a family member was ill, so maybe she's been dealing with that for longer than she thought.

Offline ATMIV

I was in the middle if arranging a 2 hour punt with her mid November - I booked a day if from work for a particular day but unfortunately she went to ground and I didn't hear anymore from her

She made a fleeting reappearance mid December but once again se has gone silent

Shame, I had high expectations for her
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Offline Roth

Don't want to appear fluffy but she sounded pretty decent and she warned us that she would be off work for a while. It is not as if she is logging in to AW daily and then ignoring her punters.  So maybe she still has some major family problem that she is dealing with. It happens.

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