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Author Topic: 'Indian' Princess (Only time I've walked)  (Read 1934 times)

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Offline Trevor12


Her profile has now been tweaked, but at the time of booking, she was advertised as 18 yo, British Indian, with anal included in the price of £130 ph.

Slightly over my usual budget, but she would tick 3 things of the bucket list: an 18 yo, an Indian, and my first time doing anal.

I also ignored all the negative comments about the agency, as some people did have good things to say.

Communication and the booking proccess was fine (calls answered by maid).

She was the girl in the pics (body was an exact match), but she was much older than 18, and she wasn't Indian! She was black/white mixed race! She didn't have a particularly welcoming attitude either. Part of me was tempted to go ahead anyway, as she had a cracking body and a mixed-race girl was also on the bucket list, so I asked to make sure anal was included as advertised- it was not. It was obvious this would be a dissapointing punt and she would provide a shit service so said I'd nip back to the car to get the extra. And didn't come back.

Her profile has been modified in the last few days. Anal has been removed. It's claiming that CIM is included, but I doubt it, and I wouldn't reccommend a visit to find out.

1 review(s) found for INDIAN ASHWARI XXX linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Offline dboy74

Thanks for the excellent review and quite right to walk.

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