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Author Topic: Berlin - Caligula and King George flatrate places  (Read 5543 times)

Offline webpunter

Jenna has had another boob job. I haven't seen them in the flesh yet, but they look like an incredible feat of engineering. When she is in Artemis she is pretty much booked up the whole time, so she is making a minimum of €120 an hour for say a 12 hour day. What do you think she would be able to charge in London?
I thought she must have.  What you don't see in the pics is a flat tummy / fit legs.  A proper gym bunny.  To answer the question then i reckon 200/hr+.  I'd be in there like a flash.  As the costs of getting to Berlin add up

Offline Jerboa

Yes girls like Jenna could probably charge £200+ in London, they would have to pay expensive rent or hotels, and their phone might not be ringing much, don't be fooled the most popular girls at German saunaclubs are raking it in, they work at a popular club because they know they will get punter after punter, and only have to pay entry and the local state prossie tax.

Offline Macca74

True. Daily outgoings for a girl at Artemis would be €110. After an hour they're in profit. Safe, secure environment and constant turnover of clients make it a real money spinner for the top girls.

Offline adindas

So How many stunning girls can you get in UK for €60=£45? ok you also have to pay entry, but if you're spending all day at a club and multiple sessions then there are few better choices, we don't travel to Germany particularly because it's cheaper to punt, even though at the moment with the weak €uro it is getting cheaper, but because of the sex infrastructure.

Well, the ongoing rate for FKK Artemis is EUR 60 (e.g £45 currently) but this is just for 30 min. If you include the entrance fee of EUR 80 it is fair to say it is comparable to £50 for 30 min.

There are numerous number of young EE stunners in London are offering £50 for 30 min avilable on AW.
But I agree that people travel to Germany particularly because of much better sex industry infrastructure. Also the venue such as Artemis is good place to experience and to feel like a Sultan surrounded with harems. But If I just want to jerk with budget then I prefer London 1to1 or Annie porche or Erlebniswihnung.
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Offline geek_lover

Right that's it, Berlin all booked.  Talking about it got a bit much and now I need to go back.  2 nights booked.  Will definitely have 1 in Caligula or King George and possibly the other in Artemis.  Cheers for the encouragement.  I plan to really let loose this time.....

Offline adindas

Thnaks you for the report.
You should also Try Erlenis Wohnung

or Annie Porsche

To enrich experience and varieties ....

I used to recommend both of them but I will not recommend EW anymore look at here the reason why ...

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