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Author Topic: Peoples Views on Leaving Field Reports and Positive Reviews on AdultWork  (Read 11144 times)

Offline smiths

A lot of guys used to say "I won't see anyone from AW unless she has at least 2 feedbacks". Interesting to see how things have now changed.

I have punted with many gems who had no or very little feedback as has Steve who often punts with WGs that have new profiles so have zero. As i dont trust the honesty of A/W in the slightest i treat everything on there as a jackanory story with it being made up for the WG to prove me wrong. Its a strategy that works for me.;)
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Offline potata72

Most of my punts have been with WG's who have AW profiles and have made bookings through that.  All the punts I've had when the booking has been made "official" on there have been positive experience, so I've always at least left positive feedback with a short comment.

I've done a few FR's, all of which have been overwhelmingly positive, although admittedly some are from experiences whereby, nowadays, if I had around the same quality experience, I wouldn't quite be as quick to do that unless it was particularly special and/or with a WG I've seen for the first time.

That being said, I've found I've enjoyed typing out the FR's I've done, memories of the experience flow back as I type them which is enjoyable!

Has anyone seen a WG through AW who has insisted on NOT making the booking "official" via AW?  I would take it as a sign that the WG is afraid of being given negative feedback because she knows she's providing a below par service and hoping to get away with it.

Offline ncarter

Yes I have punted where none or little feedback on AW as well, again I also look at the profile and get what I can  from it. I have left feedback where I had a positive or negative experience, especially if there is feedback that is counter to my view as I feel it always better to give your opinion. Service = Bad or Good then report it.

I've never done a field report and to be honest not quite sure how to. Now am stabilising in my new settings, think it time to do a punt and FR for it as am a new member on the site (just over 2 months?!) and feel it fair to 'earn my keep' so would appreciate any advice on what to put in a FR, how long, how much detail etc. I know they are all different, but I also know I can be a bit clinical and cold (almost Teutonic) at times with my style so would ideally want to write a decent one although accept it shouldn't be War and Peace and be enjoyable to read.

Offline teutonic

... but I also know I can be a bit clinical and cold (almost Teutonic) at times ...

Hey!  :angry:

I take it I've not exactly chosen the best possible username then...? :( :lol:

Offline teutonic

Ooops my bad  ;) :blush:

Eh. 'Tis alright. :P  My people aren't exactly renowned for their warmth.

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