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Author Topic: Some brief reviews  (Read 737 times)

Happy new year to all, long time lurker but seldom post, etc etc etc.

I have recently lost my punting cherry (again!) after a really long lay off of several years, hence my original post about dipping my toe in the scene! Sorry  for the wee white lie, but don't think every one on here is fully honest lol

After many failed attempts to see Lucylonglegs, I managed to see a few as an alternative

Here is a short review of each I'm  not good at the link thing

Hot brunette--- not the best looking girl on the planet but really friendly Brazillian girl, and a great body. Will definitely return

Sexychelle.----   Pocket rocket, again very friendly and well into making you feel that she enjoyed it too, good personality and a good laugh as well. Really felt relaxed with her.

Nice Andrea.---  My mistake, a hovel of a flat in the east end which reeked of stale smoke- not for me!

One whose name I forget- think it was kimme in the west end, a big polish girl, but again, she was really enthusiastic and very friendly and if you like big girls you could do worse.

My punting in years gone by genuinely amounted to seeing a grand total of two girls who who worked in the same flat that I used to see on a regular basis, I will add another topic on this subject as I would really like to know what happened to them.

Offline Banquo

What a fucking dick...

I see you've mentioned Lucylonglegs in all your posts. Total dick

Your obviously not a good reader, I said I thought she was the type I was looking for but was unable to arrange it so maybe I need to use smaller words so you can understand

Offline Banquo

I can read perfectly well thank you.

Why have you mentioned Lucylonglegs in all of your posts?

Just asking.

To be honest, without getting into a stupid debate, it was far from intentional   Maybe I need to have a wee edit of my posts before sticking them on.   All the best for 2015

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