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Author Topic: Scarlett Dolly  (Read 4199 times)

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So I just got back from seeing Scarlett Dolly for an hour. I paid £200. She rented a serviced apartment between Bermondsey and Tower Bridge. I was supposed to meet her at 2pm but it was pushed back til like 3:30. I got there way too early so was just walking around like a lemon. I don't recommend the area, especially at night. On my stroll I was approached by a travelling cannabis salesman. I declined his generous offer. Eventually she gave me the details and let me in.

She was very hospitable offering me some orange juice while putting on some music. She invited me on the bed and we DFK'd. She was a good kisser. Lots of tongue and soft lip biting. I took a quick shower and the games began. She got down to some sloppy DTBJ and ball sucking. I really enjoyed that. I asked her to ride me cowgirl and sucked on her big natural tits and held her bum as she squatted down on me. I didn't last too long and pop #1 followed shortly after. 

So we chilled out and chatted for a bit. She was very easy to talk to. Lovely soft English voice; good comms throughout, pre and during the meeting itself. I licked her pussy for a while and she really got in to it. She's very naughty and vocal about it. It surprised me in a good way. She fingered her clit while I licked away making her squirm with joy. She said she was gonna cum in my mouth and I would return the favour later.

At this point she was very horny and told me to fuck her pussy hard and that she was a dirty little slut. I started off slow in missionary but her begging and pleading for harder and faster couldn't be ignored. She forced me over the edge again and I tried to give her a facial with what little cum I had left. I accidentally came too early so couldn't give her the load I and I'm sure she wanted. Oh well, maybe next time. Pop number 2 out the way I was pretty tired at this point.

We chatted for what seemed like ages. She didn't clock watch at all. She said she's only seen one other guy before. Normally she just does cam or has arrangements like dinner and sex. Before I left I fucked her in doggy for number 3 and surprisingly came pretty quick even though I'd just cum twice fairly recently. At this point the time had ran over by a bit and I felt bad and made my excuses. All in all I had a great time and would see her regularly if I could afford £200 more often. She surpassed my expectations and was way naughtier then I thought she would be.

1 review(s) found for scarlettdolly linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 0 negative)


Thanks for the review - her AW rate for out call is £250 - I assume you had an in call for £200?  She does look very Hot

Offline dag2010

How much does she resemble her AW photos?

quick question, is that the chick in the current pics on her page?

Saw her last week, great experience.
She has cut her hair shorter, still blond thou

seems to have a difficult comms process... doesn't pick up phone and messes around a bit. 

Offline fingal91

She bid on my RB a while back but I had to cancel. Comms were very good for me.
Banning reason: Multiple accounts (fingal91, APC, love1)

She mentioned she may be away for Christmas.
Also, your more likely to get a booking on the weekend

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