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Author Topic: Naught chic  (Read 770 times)

Offline Looking4fun

As anyone seen naughty chic on aw?
She wants a photo emailed to her first never come across this before just like to know if she's above board

Offline yorkshire123

Banning reason: Making false malicious allegations against admin

Offline dino1990

i've seen her after the bb stuff died down. not worth it . She has a bit of an ego and thinks she's something special.

I saw Leanne a little while ago, and found her great actually, yes, silly, hard to get appointment with, all kinds of silly comments and communication, the pic palava, but in the end, met her at her flat, she was gorgeous, in a next door kind of way, tiny and tight, round full hips and tits, cute teenie face. Yes, a little arrogant and distant in her way of trying to be sexy, but experience will help on that I'm sure. We got naked, I licked her out, rodded her in a few positions, then fingered her hard and fast till she gushed a bit and she got a nice pearl necklace on herself. Of course, later on, while trying to rebook, I cocked it up and got banned, but I must say, she is deffo worth the money. Not the rest of the stress though.

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