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Author Topic: My look back on 2014  (Read 588 times)

Inspired by Boom52

Well 2014 has been a year of monumental change for me in every aspect of my life, business, personal and my punting life.

I started off the year a prolific punter four, five and sometimes more every week with as many girls as possible, some horrendous (A couple of Diamond's Romanians), some stellar experiences (Lily, Lola, Gobby Gabby, Molly and my current favourite that I will not name at her request) and the rest somewhere in-between, far too many to remember never mind name.

I finish the year an infrequent punter, seeing just the one regular with the occasional new girl thrown in, the last and only one of note being Eva. I have just come from seeing my regular, discounted rate for 30 min and stayed for nearer an hour and a half, it seems fitting that my last punt of 2014 was my best, sorry Lily you came damn close, but in the end.......

I too have tried more of the massage with HE during the last year, but with the exception of Sheng did not find any of these memorable, my enjoyment of these may be tempered by the fact I visit masseuses for relief from an injury/disability and find the "HE massage" little more than a nice back rub. Ah well each to his own.

Many of the girls know my name on here, so to any of you reading this, thank you each and every one of you, life would not have been the same without you.

I have made a couple of friends on here, one in particular I have become quite firm friends with (Yes you too know who you are!), received and (tried to) give advice, had a lot of laughs and lost my rag a few times as well.

I suspect 2015 will see the continued demise of my punting life, I don't think that after well over thirty years as a punter I will ever stop, but it just does not excite me the way it used to, the influx of too many EEs with crap service, too many greedy pimps, and too many girls thinking it is easy money. The good ones will always have my custom, but they seem fewer and fewer all the time.

To every one on here, and especially the admin for providing the board free of charge, I hope you have had a great Xmas and have a fantastic New Year, good luck to you all.

Offline Boom52

Same to you Parisno!

Often a post of reason and humour in a sea of turmoil and chest beating!!

Hope you are still partaking in 2015. Where you went many (tried) to follow lol.

Happy New Year!

Offline Highlander

Good post Parisno. Even if it was another one of these "found a great girl but I'm not telling you who it is" posts. Not really in the spirit of this board are they?

So you have a current fave that doesn't want to be recommended to potential clients?  :unknown:

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