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Author Topic: Braintree - Brooke91  (Read 2558 times)

3 review(s) for Brooke91 (2 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

hey guys,

sorry this has taken a while, not had a night alone for a fairly long time..

Okies Brooke91 - https://www.adultwork.com/2385632

Comms by email/text/phone - leading up the meeting were excellent

i was in the area and noticed she was listed as braintree, so thought id give her a call, i was in luck she was free.

the area is literally outside the multistory car park, in what i can only describe is "american motel flats"
the area had a few people sitting outside chatting, i though maybe "friends" or just other neighbors around, not too bothered as im not from the area, so the chances of being spotted where low, there is a security camera on the way into the parking area bit but you can walk underneath it easily enough if your overly paranoid.

stepped into the flat to see a very nice looking "girl next door" short, but very sweet, the pics are accurate, natural tits.
the flat is her friends who she rents the room from, i use the term "room" loosely as it was literally a bed, a cabinet, and that's pretty much it, barely a box, but enough to get on with the important part..

booked and hour so thought i may as well get on with it, she was a bit nervous, but she said shes not been at this long so thats understandable, started out with some FK, then moving into a bj, fairly good, great eyes, plenty of tongue. i oftern like to return the favour so moved into a 69, must admit she tasted soo dam good.. i could have licked that bean for hours.. which was good as i had her coming fairly quickly, which seemed to make all the difference as she became a woman possessed and she was begging for it.

managed to get the old fella to fire off 3 times, in a fair few positions, im not the most nimble but dam can she moved..
firing off 3 times i was impressed with, normally a hard thing to do for me, twice is normally my limit, but as i said when she came she was wild in the sack which helped no end. i think shes a bit marmite, some may not find her that attractive but i found her hot enough, as i said, shes got the "girl next door" look to her.

Ended up leaving a little over time with a grin.

Brooke was great, good company, obviously i had a great time, not sure if ill be back as i don't like to visit the same girl twice, i prefer trying as much as i can.. though i certainly wont be taking her off my hot list.

3 review(s) found for Brooke91 linked to in above post (2 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline Simplysimon

Good report , added to must do list , quick question was it owo ? As ow is listed only

Offline Zeusthedoc


maybe just an off day when i visited...or maybe i just didn't do it for her - or any one of a million other reasons, hence my neutral review.

glad it was a decent punt for you!

Brooke appears to have a similar profile to a number of english WGs in the essex area. most, if not all, of whom do not offer OWO and I am convinced I will end up having a neutral experience with. maybe it's just a chip on my shoulder!


but she said shes not been at this long so thats understandable,

She has been escorting for at least 3 years !

Offline 8a8ylon

Good report , added to must do list , quick question was it owo ? As ow is listed only

From here Q&A she doesn't

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