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Author Topic: Plauful escorts.co.uk  (Read 442 times)

Hi this is my first post.

A few weeks ago my punting itch was too much and i had to get an outcall. It was late and i thought i would give an agency a try. Playful escorts came up and seemed legit and goot value for money.

I called up and spoke with the receptionist who was very polite and suggested Dakota
http://www.playful-escorts.co.uk/portfolio/dakotta/. Arrival took 1hours but it was a friday night and traffic was bad. I must say the photos are very photoshopped but it is her from the photos.

Great body
Very good oral
Very nice punt
Very slim and toned

No dfk or fk
she is a smoker

But cons aside it was a very fun 1hour and worth the £110. Would reccomend and would see her again.

The other day after a win on the footy i thought lets have another punt.

This time the receptionist reccomended daphnie for the outcall  http://www.playful-escorts.co.uk/portfolio/daphne../

She arrived ontime and it is her in the photos except they have been very photoshopped to the max. She has 3 tattoos and is smaller than in the pictures.

Nice cup size

Not very good looking
Tattoos are off putting as one is an ex boyfriends name
No dfk dk.
And she stank of smoke.

My senses were telling me to just cancel and ask her to leave but i would have had to pay anyway.

Daphnie has really put me off using this agency again and  try out AW. Has anyone else tried this agency?

I have to say, I have never heard of the website, nor the agency.

I do also question the validity of the photo's. The website looks very template-like and cheap, to say the least!

It all looks very much on the cheap and nasty side of things!. I would really, from experience ask around and get advice on which agency to use for the type of girl you wish to hire and never be affraid to find out more.

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