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Author Topic: ~ Amber Starr ~ and Xxx Sexy Karina Xxx in Slough and Maidenhead  (Read 3440 times)

Offline aj12345

Has anyone met Amber Starr and/or Sexy Karina, usually in the Slough and Maidenhead areas? Profiles look good and seem to offer good services for the prices. They tick all the boxes and look lovely.

Amber Starr:

Sexy Karina:

I would usually go for it but the areas can be a bit hit or miss sometimes.

Thanks for any advice.

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Hi aj,

I've seen karina, it was a positive experience for me as she is/was very enthusiastic with the services she offers, fantastic body and made an effort with make up, good oral and sex & dfk, only warning is she is a milf that her photos don't really represent as would say late 30's but she still looks fantastic and also not the tightest but I'm only joe average size wise.

Hope that helps jay

Offline aj12345

Thanks that does help a lot as I prefer the look of Karina anyway. Don't mind the age thing as long as she still has nice skin. By the sounds of it, she seems great. Do u remember if she had nice feet? I usually find it a turn off when a woman doesn't look after her feet.

She does rimming and owo which are main things I'm after but glad to hear about dfk. Think I'll have to visit.

Think her feet were pedicured, she did seem to be someone who made an effort with her appearance

Offline aj12345

I'll try making a booking and report back.

Sounds like she's a good one and looks hot as hell

Like I said the photos I would say are at least 5 yrs old if not more but she still looked hot dressed in stlletos and lingerie, but she provides all her services with enthusiasm

Offline aj12345

Yeh as long as the services are good and she's pretty, that's the main thing. Don't mind about the age thing if she's still got a great body like u say.

Hi, I had the pleasure of both women when they were based in Maidstone, Kent. 3 visits to Karina and 4 to Amber. I haven't got much to add to the description of Karina, other than to say if you like brunettes with big full tits, she's definitely the woman for you. She does have nice skin - lovely in fact, and I remember it felt very good inside her pussy, and I'm average-sized. She never offered anal as a service when I visited her. Also, she did dfk straight from the first visit whereas Amber I had to visit a couple of times before she started kissing properly. Amber is a pretty girl, a younger milf - she is 34 as her profile states, natural blonde, also makes a very nice effort with hair, make-up and lingerie. Very smooth  and warm skin, quite tall and fantastic firm tits. Can't remember her feet, sorry, it's not a thing for me so I don't pay attention to them as long as they don't smell! :D

Both girls are good fucks, they take it hard, and both do great OWO to CIM finish, although neither swallow. Karina does a wicked 69 too. I miss her service been on my doorstep more than I do Amber but you won't go far wrong with either. They are both good, and eager to please their client.

Offline aj12345

Thanks very much. I tried booking Karina yesterday but couldn't get a good time. Might try Amber today. Did they both do rimming as mentioned on the profiles?

Rimming - yes to both girls, giving and receiving.

Offline aj12345

It looks like Karina's profile has gone. I don't suppose any met her recently and knows if she's just on a break?

On the plus side, I did manage to meet Amber who was is absolutely fantastic.

Would be good if Karina comes back though.

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