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Author Topic: Jennifer - Hamiltons  (Read 2450 times)

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Offline rafatheira

Saw Jennifer around 3 months back, hadn't put up a review yet, as some reviews toward the higher end of the market invite some rather impolite comments. Regardless, I think some punters who I've talked to on pm here, and others will appreciate the review.

Duration - 1 Hour.
Fee Paid - 300 Pounds
Link - http://www.hamiltonsescorts.com/escort-jennifer.htm

Comms - With the agency. No trouble whatsoever, quick and easy standard agency procedure really.

Location - Well known hotel in Kensington, one of the more common ones used for these purposes. Easy to get in unnoticed, no problem.

Appearance - I'd guess 26ish year old. Facially, pretty much the best looking WG I've come across in London barring SweetMaria on AW . Stunning, and her body's even better. That arse  :dance: .  The second picture on her agency profile, with her back turned...she looks just like that in reality. For me, it doesn't get much better really, in this regard.

The girl - She's very friendly, easy to talk to, and made a big effort to put me at ease. Think she was a bit taken aback at my age, seeing that I'm younger than her  :D. I'd say a good 10+ minutes were spent talking, and though I was worried by this initially, this didn't take away from the bedroom time as it were, so I was quite pleasantly surprised with that. Made a conscious effort to please throughout, and definitely not a clockwatcher.

Services - She put on something akin to the second pic in her profile.  :wackogirl: and looked outrageous as she walked towards me. She mentioned she had good lap dancing skills. Does she fuck! Absolutely outrageous, I was worried I'd pop then and there  :D . Great DFK and great oral. Really slow and sensual, and the memory of her giving me a bj,  and giving me that sultry look is definitely one that's well embedded in the mental wank bank  :D . Sex in a fair few positions, which was fantastic, she's quite tight so little elpistolero was a very happy chap. She doesn't fancy reverse oral, so I think I should mention that, as it was the only downer, but I was aware of that before I went.

One of the fittest girls I've ever shagged, and the sort when you see her on the street, you turn around and say 'wow'. Shame she doesn't have face pics on her page, and I only saw her due to a recommendation from a punter I trust.

I treat myself to a punt with an absolute stunner once a month or so, and she didn't disappoint one bit. I've not been able to see her since though I tried on two occasions, but its mainly because I'm not very organized with my punting. Have planned a booking for Jan, will be happy to report how it went as well.

Happy holidays and punting everyone  :drinks: .
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Good review thanks for sharing - £300 way over my 1-2-1- budget BUT its your money and you can spend as you wish - she does look very hot.

Glad you had a good time


Thanks for your review, regarding the services delivered during your session
could you confirm/clarify the part about "great oral"?

Oral - was it OWO or OWC (oral with condom)?

Offline rafatheira

Thanks for your review, regarding the services delivered during your session
could you confirm/clarify the part about "great oral"?

Oral - was it OWO or OWC (oral with condom)?

OWO, sorry should have been clearer on that accord  :hi:

Offline Quesadilla

Great review Epistolero, she is now in my hotlist for next year for sure!  Thanks for spreading the news - what goes around comes around as the saying goes so good to pass on the recommendation after a trusted punter recommended her to you! :drinks: 
Banning reason: Obnoxious and arrogant + Veiled threat of outing punter on UKE

It seemed like she is now gone and being replaced by another "Jennifer" at Hamiltons  :(, anyone has any idea where did the old Jennifer go? Or any recommendations for girls similar to this Jennifer (toned and pretty face).

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