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Author Topic: LOVELY DOLY  (Read 1077 times)

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Offline mikeiam

https://www.adultwork.com/2746965 or https://www.adultwork.com/LOVELY+DOLY

probably the worst punt ive had ....so bad soo soo bad, why do we do this to ourselves?! ...

typical stereotypical bad punt ...i just wanted a good BJ ...she opened the door with a ciggy in her hand, malnourished yet very pretty Romanian. Mehh i havent have a skinny bird in a while ...why not go for it?! ...i should have turned back and kept my money.

she looked like a bait and switch ...the place looks like a crack house ...but my penis still says yes,
i ask for OWO ...she says 'yes'
i ask for CIM ...she says 'no but my friend does' ( now im thinking if i should just pay for a two girl quicky maybe)
she brings out her friend, had a robe on but still looked old and fat, grrr ok stick to the original plan get a quick BJ from the skinny one and leave. 
she goes in the shower while im left in the room, comes back and then says she needs to use the toilet so pops back out  :dash:
when she comes back shes sucking and into it (her friend is in and out in the background so after her third appearance im gentleman-like and ask her to join us ...she gracefully declines however) the skinny one continues to suck ....after 5 minutes she tries to get the condom on me "its not possible to oral for 15mins" ...this is when i decided to count my losses and whip her over in doggy do the biznez and leave ...im thinking of quitting punting now!
...its been two days still cant get that gross stagnant condom latex smell out my penis (what is up with that!) 

so in conclusion ...in my 8 years of punting ...i now feel dirty. im going to have a time out for a while i thinks

2 review(s) found for RUBY EROTIC linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Bareback and hard sports!  A real gem!

Offline mikeiam

seems like she had a muscle spazm and ended up ticking everything on likes ...she probably doesn't do half that, most the girls i've met don't. mehh ...i cant be bothered to punt anymore, seems like the fad is wearing thin. ...actually i might if i happen to be in a soho, but otherwise sod these shitty punts

Offline The_Don

Sorry to here you had a bad time.

Thanks for sharing and the warning about her. May be others can avoid wasting time and money on her  :thumbsup:

Best to walk if you don't like the look of what's going on and save the money for another punt!

I know we all have bad punts and after I have one, I often go back to a regular.

Good Luck!

Bareback and hard sports!  A real gem!

Pimp/maid like to check all, but once I've seen BB listed then its a no thanks from me (even its its not on offer)

Reminds of :

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Offline Ego123

It's said on her profile she does bareback I take it she doesn't do that then I hate it when they do that because I would have had a go if bareback wasn't on menu

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