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Author Topic: Sammy at Milton Keynes Escorts  (Read 1510 times)

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Sammy fitted the bill of being a busty curvy English girl and made me return to MK/HOD, having already had 2 bad/average punts there, but a few good ones as well e.g. Tina and Carla.  Booked for one hour.  I have regular independents in MK who I am getting bored of.

Sammy is chubbier than her pictures and seemed confident and talkative at the start and thought I had made a good choice.  But she was trying to time waste and rush at every opportunity initially offering a massage, then trying to get into a long conversation (this is fine but I am too old for her and did not connect, she knew this but carried on).  Then claimed we were already 20 minutes into the booking despite having started at least 10 minutes late, I did not want to argue so just carried on.

Some good closed lip kissing, she was very tactile and touchy feely throughout which i liked, the whole GFE.  After a further 10 minutes she mentioned how long we have again. I realised she was a smoker and started to smell and taste the fag breathe so refused OWO.  Her OW was poor….no tongue just up and down did not feel a thing, have done OW before and enjoyed it.   She was lethargic throughout just lying on her back, I asked what position and she said on top and she doesn't like doggy, I knew she was just lazy to get up.  I came pretty quick and after a quick rest and cleanup was ready for round 2…

This is where it got bad, I had a feeling she would resist but given 20 minutes + on the clock had enough time, she messed around her bag and claimed she had run out of condoms!!  It was a working flat with 5 other girls, I asked her why not ask outside but apparently their was no girls free and no supplies were kept.

I was so fed up I just left, I know my recent parlour reviews have not been great and now kicking myself why did i go back.

Offline 1dt

ffs....  :( and if her attitude wasnt bad enpugh her "photographer verified" pictures are a bunch of horse shit lies! :dash: :dash: :dash: :dash:
Banning reason: Fantasist. Do not trust any post by this person.

ffs....  :( and if her attitude wasnt bad enpugh her "photographer verified" pictures are a bunch of horse shit lies! :dash: :dash: :dash: :dash:

even without photoshopping girls will cake themselves with makeup during the shoot and obviously no one looks as good day to day.  Also people change shape in months so natural photos would be easier to keep updated and reflect how a girl looks.  While she was not as good as her pictures, it was more the service/attitude which disappointed me as she certainly isn't ugly.

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