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Author Topic: Is she worth £600 an hour ?  (Read 1891 times)

Offline Taggart

No prossie is worth that.

I'd expect a minimum of 12 hours for that, with multiple anal sessions.

The word fantasist springs to mind.....

Offline pierrot

Presumably some of those daft fuckers who work for Goldman Sachs etc will pay this, normal punters need not apply.

Offline AnthG

Nationality: Slovakian Escort

My experience, and from reading many reviews and comments, pretty much universally Eastern Europeans give notoriously shoddy and disinterested service.

I would literally avoid even at £100 per hour. And be very hesitant at £75 per hour.

Offline grey402

That's crazy prices. Not a chance in hell

Offline Uniformad

No way not even if I was loaded

Offline Bazza69

Wow. Even for London that's pricey. Can get a fantastic punt for £100 so don't really see the point.

Offline The_Don

Wow. Even for London that's pricey. Can get a fantastic punt for £100 so don't really see the point.


Some of my better punts have been sub £100 and under!

She is worth £40 for a quick 15 min shag :)

Offline azrael

Oh hell no!!!. I've had better and seen better advertised cheeper than her. Plus she dont look all that :dash:

Offline Toshiba

Italian , slavakian my arse

All Romanian


Offline Quesadilla

When you can get top class anal loving filth from the likes of Lia Loves and Gabriella at Maxes for less than half that price and yet still feel they are expensive options, then absolutely no way an inexperienced 19 year old should be charging anything like that.
She is very cute but without A levels I'd want to pay £150 absolute maximum.
Banning reason: Obnoxious and arrogant + Veiled threat of outing punter on UKE

Offline sesalovdarlo

Iv had better looking in berlin,Prague etc for penny's including all services. Not a chance. Iv paid high class Russians in Abu Dhabi way less

Holy crap shes AWESOME!! would be an expensive 12 seconds for me! haha
thats what.. £50 a second? :)

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