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Author Topic: What's your flavour?  (Read 2227 times)

Curious to know & maybe covered before ? ( I'm sure in cum)
But what's your favourite Ethnic Flavour in WG,s??? And why???
I have a refined taste for the Polish Sluts ... They just look good to me and taste great!  :thumbsup:
Will there be any takers on our Romanian Darlings??

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As I've posted elsewhere, the Coventry Lower Ford Street Czech girls are in danger of giving EEs a good name.  :wacko:

I'm betting no one answering this thread confesses to their flavour being Romanians though - fucking skanky slags.  :scare:

Offline Steptoe

1. Thai
2. Thai
3. Thai
4. Chinese - best are Mongolian in my experience
5. Scouse


Offline Riyjay13

1. Thai
2. Thai
3. Thai
4. Chinese - best are Mongolian in my experience
5. Scouse


I'm definitely aligned to Scouse. Something about that accent that floats my boat. 3 visits to the heavenly Scouse slut Tia Layne were the absolute highlight of my punting year.

Offline Malvolio

Polish women definitely do it for me.

1. Thai
2. Korean/Chinese
3. Hungarian
10,000 British
100,000 Romanian

Offline Vivago

Hoping to set up a romp with a Blasian after Xmas. Now there is an interesting flavour. She sure looks hot. :yahoo:

Sorry guys, not in UK.

Offline Quesadilla

Had you asked me 2 months ago I would have said EE girls rock and English girls were at best inconsistent, but things have changed.

I'd score my top punts of this year based on nationality as follows:

1) Brits - 6 fantastic  / 2 good / 3 average to poor / 1 shit
2) Polish -  8 fantastic
3) Hungarian - 2 fantastic / 1 good
4) Australian - 1 fantastic
5) Czech - 1 fantastic
6) Brazilian - 2 good
7) Romanian - 1 poor

Guess I'd say something of a Neapolitan flavour - definitely no single flavour really dominates although I'd say Brit girls just pip the Poles for pole position with Hungarians pulling strongly up the rear (oo-eerrr missus).

I've only seen two Polish girls and they have been awesome, vs 12 Brit girls. However although that suggests the Poles are more consistent I think it's just a question of statistical inaccuracy - I need a larger sampling of Poles before drawing any conclusions. 

The reason the Brits remain firmly on top in my view despite some weak individual performances is the absolutely incredible experiences I've had with my two top English regs who simply cannot be beat for attitude, imagination, innovation and sheer filth as well as being consistent over repeat visits.

I have three more Brits lined up over the next week or so and will be interesting to see how they affect my scoreboard - I strongly suspect it will tip things much more solidly towards Brit girls.

Banning reason: Obnoxious and arrogant + Veiled threat of outing punter on UKE

I like white English girls in this order:


Northern girls are naughtier in my experiences. Except Tiffany Snow, Delilah Dash and Jewels from LMP. True southern sluts!

Offline The_Don

At present EE and others from the Euro zone, just offer so much more (for me as a whole package)

Not saying they are better just had more enjoyable times with them

(In order)

My punts (or attempted punts) with with British & French W/G have not been the best, if not forgettable and regrettable experiences.  :vomit:

Romanian scum

British. Couldn't give a fuck about any of the others.


Offline hendrix

I didn't have a preference as such, but as it happened, all my long term regulars were British.

Offline iceraider

Scandinavian then UK.
Canadian also but not many kicking about.

Are Romanian girls really that bad, or is it the way Sergi and his mates manage and makes them?..

I find that Poles and Hungarians represent the best value for money when punting.

Are Romanian girls really that bad, or is it the way Sergi and his mates manage and makes them?..

There are good Romanians out there, but I would say the way in which Sergei manages them means you will get shit service from most.

Offline Anadin

My best experiences have been with British girls of varying ethnicities

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