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Author Topic: Endearing Emily Chelmsford  (Read 2143 times)

6 review(s) for EndearingEmilyGFE (5 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative) [Indexed by Admin]

Online Neal69

My Pre Christmas treat was to book Emily.

 https://www.adultwork.com/2405716 or https://www.adultwork.com/EndearingEmily1992

Had an opportunity of an evening appointment so phoned up a couple of days in advance. Had a bit of a discussion about times and agreed a time on an evening. Was asked to put a booking thru on AW ( no problem for me) and was asked to phone to confirm on the day in question. Booked 1 hour for £120.

On the day I phoned to confirm and was texted the postcode. On arrival at the appropriate time I was texted the flat number.

Residential area outside Chelmsford, parking nearby on the street no issues as far as feeling in a dodgy area.

Met at the door by a stunning blonde, dressed in a dress with those huge boobs to the forefront.

Now if you are looking for  size 8 and slim you are looking at the wrong WG. As can be seen from the accurate profile pics Emily is a larger type of girl. Describes herself as a BBW in the profile.

Welcomed into a nice flat with a kiss and was offered a drink while we did the getting to know you type of chatting. Payment exchanged and we sat down on the sofa and engaged in a session of proper DFK. During the DFK session clothing was gradually being removed and while mine were fairly uninteresting to me there were some great discoveries going on in Emily's underwear. Those huge tits were soon on display and also a very nice looking trimmed pussy.

Just had to go down and have a taste. Now Emily did say that she was feeling horny so I had to oblige by diving between those legs and giving her a good session of RO which she responded to very enthusiastically. Now either Emily came or she deserves an Oscar for the performance.

After a quick "Whew" little Neal was getting some attention. No nibbling on the helmet here this was proper deep throat and gagging and by fuck was I enjoying it. With things coming to a head it was on with the overcoat and plunge straight in missionary. I usually enjoy finishing off doggy but as we were engaged in plenty of DFK during the miss I continued until I blew.

So what did we do altogether. Proper DFK, RO, fingering, OWO, proper deep throat, and protected sex.

We had taken our time over this and I felt that time was getting towards the end although I could not see a clock in the room.

We chatted and messed about for a good while after this until Emily suggested we have a cup of tea. I then looked at my watch and realised we were way over time but she had no problem with this. As I didn't have anywhere else I needed to be we continued chatting and messing around for a good while before I took my leave.

Now I know that sometimes you just click with certain people and I felt that despite our age difference I clicked with Emily. No EAS here I realise what punting is all about but I can say that I had a thoroughly good time at Emily's place and will have no hesitation in going back for a second round. Actually she messaged me on AW afterwards suggesting what we could get up to next time. Good marketing maybe but it sure a heck makes me want to return.

Now before you all go off on one I am well aware who Emily is and of her previous AW profile.

You can only speak as you find and I had certainly one of my best punting experiences with Emily.

I found her good looking, great company, very funny, and a great shag.

What more can one ask.

6 review(s) found for EndearingEmilyGFE linked to in above post (5 positive, 1 neutral, 0 negative)

Offline cunnyhunt

When she made you tea did you put the money behind the kettle ? :cool:

For sure it is good that you enjoyed yourself but I would still change your sim card.  :hi:

Offline finn5555

Stunning  :vomit: chances are she will hassle you hope you hid your identity well and change your punting phone ASAP  :hi:

Online Neal69

Well Cunny,

We will see.  :drinks:

Tks Finn,

As I said , we will see.  :drinks:

Thanks all on UKP for your comments/advice.

All I can only say based on my experience TK or EE is a proper good shag.

GFE is what she advertised and GFE is what she delivered.

Proper good IMHO. sheesk we never even made it past the sofa. It was like seeing your right horny girlfriend who wanted it right now.

And no BTW she does not have a kettle in sight  :cool:


This girl used to go by a different name (can't remember it) and was based in Harlow I seem to remember. She used to bat on about her giving world class blowjobs. She seemed very popular with lots of feedback. Why would she change her name & start again I wonder?

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