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Author Topic: Devon Breeze.......  (Read 1483 times)

Offline wavygravy

OK so I decided I might have some bukkake fun yesterday and an advert from Devon Breeze caught my eye.  She was holding a bukkake party and for £40 you could enjoy a toy show and then, suitably worked up, splat your muck over her face.  She's never really appealed, as her prices have shot up lately, and her ass seems to have grown a bit, but I thought I would go along.   The event was going to be filmed and I've no problem with that.

As requested I called on the day and spoke to her.  Was told that yes, the party was still on and if I made my way down to Western Harbour she would text details of the flat just before 2pm -   'the more the merrier!'   So I went down to Leith and sure enough, no text.  Called her and phone went straight to voicemail.   Texted a few times, no joy.

What a time-wasting slag.  Anyone actually manage to get in??

You should put this in the Review section as Negative?

Offline wavygravy

Maybe you're right - I usually like to complete a punt before reviewing though!

Seen her a couple of times a few years back and was a decent punt, quite open minded, her rates have fairly shot up since, otherwise I'd have seen her more.

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