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Author Topic: Nottingham recommendations  (Read 1306 times)

New to this site and hoping you guys can help.

I have met a few girls off AW and have made a couple of bad choices, probably because I went a little cheap. I am up in Nottingham for the week and have seen two profiles that I am interested in.

Has anyone had any experience of these girls?

Busty blonde notts escort www.adultwork.com/1782856

EliteGeorgina www.adultwork.com/2675569 or https://www.adultwork.com/EliteGeorgina

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I managed to arrange a meet with Georgina in the end as a Christmas gift to myself.

I booked an hour and a half with her and thoroughly enjoyed myself. She is stunning looking and has an amazing body, a nice tight pussy and oral skills that were outstanding. She is very well spoken and incredibly friendly. She said that she is getting her tits done again soon as she wants bigger...she will be even better then!!!

She was working out of a nice apartment near the city centre.

She said that she usually works out of Birmingham but also visits London and Nottingham, I will be seeing her again when she is next in London.

Offline travbisman

Nottingham is a great place to punt with!

I would defiantly go with some of the girls from the agency VIP! I would say go with Grace looking at the people you have posted! There is quite a few reviews on here!

On the two girls you have posted, i've never seen any of them so I can't really help on that!

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Offline scbond

I don't work for VIP so I can safely tell you that you should avoid them at all costs. You'll just be messed about, ripped off or both!

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