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Author Topic: Black lady, Ley St Ilford  (Read 808 times)

Any long-term punters like me on here ever visit a black lady, corner of Ley St/Lynn Rd Ilford some 8 - 10 years back? Had a flat above the shops. Used to advertise in the Romford Recorder when the personals were over-run with prossies? Got to wondering if she is still around? Not on AW ( no AW when I last saw her ), and now the Recorder don't have so many, not there either. Short, plump, probably in her fifties now? Dam good fuck!! Be interesting to know what has happened to her?

Offline UberX

My friend you have seen her 8-10 years ago and now after 10 years do you still think she will remain as filthy for work and the main thing is that she may be gone for good from this earth who knows :D
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Just wondering if any long term punter in my area might know of her? Can remember a few others also, but can't remember their location? Small world if some on here shagged the same WG's as I did in the past? The days before the internet and mobile phones. When punts were made via a card in a phone box, an entry in the personals local rag,  or a contact mag. Not forgetting Friday ads  :lol:   :D

Offline UberX

Is she actually filthy like this  :D :lol:

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Offline virgil

I think I know the flat you are referring to - used to pop in once a year on Xmas eve on way to family for Xmas.

No surprise therefore I don't recall the lady you are referring to - the one that stuck in my mind was a beautiful blonde Czech lady.

I didn't get the impression it was a one-woman flat.

Going back a few years. 10/11 maybe? She liked a bit of the kinky stuff too. Invited me ( at a cost ) to come and give one of her friends some CP/OTK while she done the same to me. Whilst I don't mind some playful OTK, the sight of some her canes/paddles/crops/whips on display was a bit off - putting!!

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