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Author Topic: Diamonds - Wayback - Courtney  (Read 1170 times)


I was just looking through some old threads as I was particularly bored today, and it reminded me of Courtney who used to be at diamonds, she is in the link I've added above, any chance she is still around anywhere, or am I being too hopeful and dreaming?

And I've just noticed the girl on the same page who is down as Eva, any chance this is the Lily (Delphine) that is around these days? There is just so much of a resemblance in the pic, and the stats are the same, age 19, so 2 years later she would be 21 now, sounds about right. And also she does say on her AW profile that she is not new to the industry and has been doing this for a couple of years.....

Any truth or am I being barmy? 

Offline toon972

I am sure this is a different Eva,and I have seen her.She was from Morpeth and was studying music,she was not at diamonds long.I stand to be corrected.She was good at her,but looks wise did nothing for me.Courtney went to another agency,can't remember who though.

Offline eeeasy

 :) :) :) seen Courtney a few years ago    :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:  my first Diamonds punt was Emma for 30 mins  then Courtney 30 mins later. at quayside.
Emma about 18 blonde really pleasent stunning worlds best bj  :P :P :P then outside quick snack phone for Courtney - same place and apt number as Emma - total opposit stank of smoke dont to this - dont do that crap apt.
Left with a brilliant and a crap apt - Emma left before I could go back. Courtney looks ok but had no intrest in the job.
 :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown: :thumbsdown:
Banning reason: Abusive + Threats

Offline toon972

Agree about Courtney she had had a queer way of doing bjs.Instead of using her neck muscles she would rock back and forth using her back.I saw her twice and both times wore a tracksuit.

Offline Highlander

Courtney was on AWork after Diamonds for a while.
Definitely a different Eva, this one was a natural redhead with really pale skin. Had a couple of good bookings with her. 

Offline snapper

Looking at the archive photos remember ing how food Charlie was

hmmm,, I was way off then, I'll just quietly resign as Sherlock Holmes then.... :(

Offline lycius

Thanks fo rthe link though....reminded me of the gorgeous Ruby. Fabulous!

Offline Robbouk

Ah yes ruby she was fantastic and gorgeous in her little secretary outfit.  Is she still working does anyone know.

Offline AnthG

Ah yes ruby she was fantastic and gorgeous in her little secretary outfit.  Is she still working does anyone know.

She had returned to them and was down as working with them till about a month ago.

She was called Paige now


You could try dropping Diamonds an email and asking if she is going to be coming back. As it was this time last year (just before Christmas) when she returned.

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