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    Hmm. On reflection I think this is a negative side of netural.

    Just to let you know the venue requires a code to exit the car park, otherwise a big fine for non guests! Fortunately the bar receipt had the code for the car park exit barrier. Was asked to wait a bit more. After waiting about 15 to 20 minutes past the appointed hour I received a text with the "room" number. Wandered up to the "room" only to find Cattleya was in the opposite room (kinda like a vetting procedure). Cattleya is most likely the lady in the picture, but with shoulder length hair. Age about right in the profile. Facially - 6.5/10, girl next door type. Texting on and off during the appointment. Noticed the PC lid open so hopefully no camera recording... If you wish to meet a young lady, Cattleya is probably right for you. However, I think Cattleya is somewhat inexperienced and needs someone more experienced / less passive than I to show her the ropes. Shallow oral was covered. No French kissing. Post first pop, a joint shower for washing only (insufficient towels). Then dressed under the guise of asking which top I would prefer. Cattleya then called room service, opened the window slightly for 10 seconds to air the room. Started to paint her finger nails after asking what colour I thought would suit her. So my spidey sense told me to leave (safety safety!). Poor timing on my part as just I was leaving room service arrived. So I was probably overly paranoid.

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