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Author Topic: Raisiha (of Abella Escorts), Paddington  (Read 3135 times)

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http://www.abellaescorts.com/gallery/raisha/331 (profile capture)

She works in a upscale apartment building very close to Paddington Hammersmith & City/Circle station (near the canal). Booking was arranged with an EE woman, who’s probably the agency’s receptionist. She speaks good English, communications was smooth. I had to ring her door at the time I booked, via the intercom, and used the lift up to her flat. Inside, the flat is pretty plush with an ensuite bathroom.

Booked 1 hour for £150 (no extras paid).

Positive: Really good oral skills! She sucks deep and hard, constantly gagging my dick in and out of her throat. Came by CIM where she continued sucking until she felt I was empty. Prior to this, started off kissing my body, while talking dirty and FK with tongue contact (but not too deep). She allowed me to cum again, but I couldn't get hard for a second time.  -_-
Positive: The profile pictures of her body/figure are spot on. Nice taut body. She’s 5'6-7" tall and looked 5'11" with heels on. Only exception is her enhanced b-cup breasts are a bit wide apart. They looked good, with beige perky nipples, but felt hard.
Positive: She's friendly and has a cheeky personality. Had a knack of making witty comments.
Positive: No clock watching. No use of mobile during the booking.

Neutral: Facially, it's her in the profile pictures, but they’re 75% representative. The photoshopping gave her a softer look, when she looked sharper in the flesh, like an Elven look. Some men would deem her as stunning, I thought she was just okay. Age range, looked 23-26 to me.
Neutral: She can get carried away with talking, however when she gets down to business she shuts up.

Negative: None.

This was a good punt, but felt like an absolute waste of money, in terms of only being able to cum once in 1hr@£150. Not because of Raisiha, she persisted trying to get me backup with OWO, but it wasn’t happening. :/ If I want to play with WG at this price range (£150-£200), I probably need to pace myself or/and learn how to cum more than once in an hour. Raisiha was good on the day, so it wasn’t a disappointment.

Happy punting © panel999

Thanks for the review. She looks bloody gorgeous on her pics and I have been looking for a while. Might give it a go.

^^^No problem.

she looked sharper in the flesh, like an Elven look

This is a more accurate picture of what she looks like facially...


Thanks for the review = she does look very Hot & Sexy

Offline Oggytoo

Hi, I know this is resurrecting an old post, but I saw Raisha this week for the first time and felt it would be worth updating.

Having said that, I have to say that my experience was very similar to the OPs. Although Raisha has clearly been doing the job for a few years she was excellent.  No sign of being jaded or worn down by the profession. She is in a very nice and discrete new build flat near Paddington. Easy to find.

Her owo skills really are excellent and she is enthusiastic at sex too.  She initiated a number of position changes and that reverse cowgirl really is something.

Age wise, I would put her late twenties. The only real downside for me is that the enhanced breasts are a bit too enhanced.  They aren't massive, but as said they are quite hard.

As ever with these things, service quality for me outweighs most other aspects, so over enhanced tits will not stop me returning.

Still £150 for the hour and booked through the same agency.

Offline dantheman

very attractive, and a great agency site, some real stunners on there.
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