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Author Topic: Showering at a punt  (Read 2460 times)

Offline Toshiba

Must admit i used to never shower as i go through a precise routine pre punt

But ive found it steadies the nerves and if shes sexy as fuck it heightens my excitement to get at her, i think thats my point in this thread as opposed to asking do you shower, it was a point about how showering can help i guess.

Must also say you're right some bathrooms can be minging

Offline Sedlmayer

I do not get a shower every punt. I will get a shower mainly for two reasons. Firstly if I have had to hike to get to a punt so am sweaty (i.e punts in Gateshead as I like to get the Metro to Gateshead central and usually punts take place around the Library area which is a good 15 min walk).

My other reason is if the girl is attractive.

I say this as I think there are two reasons to get a shower.

1. It gives the girl no reason to come back at you if you leave a poor review - the number one comeback for a negative review due to the girls shoddy service is she did it due to your hygiene.

Having a shower in the property allows you to come right back and say, I got a shower right at the start of the punt so try another one.

2. The other reason - and why I specifically do it if the girl is attractive - is it gives psychological reassurance to the girl you are 100% clean if you washed with her right there in the same building so she will do more - as in OWO when she maybe is hesitant normally.

If the prostitute wants to come back at you after a negative review, she'll just lie about your hygiene  :thumbsdown: I would have thought that was obvious  :unknown:

Offline toon972

I remember having a shower at Angel of the North's place and she joined me.Within about 30 secs she was giving me owo with water cascading over her face,what a sight.It is always good with Angel,but this seemed even more so.

What the fook is an anal douche?

The last time I saw my regular girl I actually refused any rimming when it was offered as although showered , I hadn't had a chance to douche .

I already had the idea of using one after seeing one in the bathroom of the WG  (along with various butt plugs ! ) . I would hope that ALL wg's who allow rimming would use this device beforehand  !!!

Without going into graphic details :thumbsdown: you'll be surprised how much cleaner you end up after using one.... but do it with your arse over the wash basin, toilet , shower/bath ..as what goes up - comes down !!! ....and ALWAYS use lubricant ......
and I hate to say it - but the sensation is quite pleasant !

Offline jsparky

I'll always take a quick shower in the WG premises, even if I have shower at home before hand, because I would like her to be re-assure that she can suck and lick my body part with no worries...   

When I started in Amsterdam there were no showers in the kamers but i would shower before i would leave the hotel. Then, i found out about LMP from a guy called Andyman. Before the parties, we were required to shower. So, this has led me to now shower before every punt. I like it as part of the routine. Not too many girls have shared showers with me due to not wanting to ruin their make-up. If a girl is good she won't include shower time in the punt time.

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