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Author Topic: Petite_Katie  (Read 991 times)

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https://www.adultwork.com/2714774 or https://www.adultwork.com/Petite%5FKatie

Petite_Katie  ( suppose to be Polish, but I doubt it)
Pictures Looked good, A.W Page offers gfe, owo £60 30 mins £100 HR .
when I got there, I asked her to confirm the service was GFE and OWO, she told me owo is extra £10, gfe is extra £20. (£90 for 30 mins)
 That's when I should have walked !, however she did look cute, so I agreed to pay £80 for 30 mins for gfe, owo.

once on the bed, she wants to do nothing, and wants Me to massage Her back, Which I decline. now she tells me NO Kissing. I said I have paid you for gfe, she Replies, that's just cuddling and massage ! !
 After a quick owo, she now tells me that the bed is broken, so we have to get on the floor for sex. I ask her to lean over the bed, she say's no I cant do doggy, I have a problem. and every few mins her phone keeps going off, and she's texting.
All in All a pretty dreadful experience :scare:

1 review(s) found for Petite_Katie linked to in above post (0 positive, 0 neutral, 1 negative)

Is this the same punt you reviewed earlier under the heading 'Bad Punt'?

Probably best not to say "£100 HR" in case people think you're referring to hand relief - instead say "60 mins" :cool:

Yes Mr Farkyhars, it is indeed the same lady, and thanks for the tip.
In the bad punt review, I neglected to put the AW link. I also neglected to say
that Just to add Injury to insult, whilst getting dressed and stooping to tie my shoe laces (no chair available) I managed to topple Head over Arse and had to be helped up, that really Pissed me off  :angry:

Offline HawkG

Given that she claims to be a DD, I reckon you already know from her profile that she lies.

She's Romanian surprise suprise! Travels around was in my woods recently considered knocking her up until her nationality said Romanian which isn't on it anymore. Wonder why ?????????????? :wacko:

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