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Author Topic: Rebecca - Dollybirds  (Read 673 times)

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Offline ManInBlack


Review is from a 45 minute booking a few weeks ago.  Booking was a bit last minute and I took a chance as she's not reviewed on here, but there had been a few mentions that she might be worth a go.

I was a bit undecided on what rating to give, there were positives but also some pretty big negatives, 1 of which was my problem, but nevertheless it didn't help me have a positive experience.

Booked direct with the agency which was straightforward.  I was texted the required info in good time.

Easy to find, fairly quiet street.  I don't generally like it when streets are so quiet but I didn't feel like I was being watched or that I stood out.

Here's the main negatives, which are big ones for me and are generally a deal breaker.

Her age is listed as 35, which I reckon is a good 7-10 years out.  I'm early 30s myself and from meeting her and the way she dressed and came across, 35 just doesn't stack up.  She comes across as quite 'mumsy', which is just not my cup of tea. 

For me, her pics aren't accurate, in that she's heavier in real life.  No way is she a size 12, as listed.  Her pics might've been accurate when she actually was 35.

Taking the above into account she is quite attractive, not a head turner, but pleasant enough.  I'd rather just have true stats and pics so I can make an informed decision whether to book or not.

She was friendly and welcoming and her attitude was good.  No rush and happy to go at my pace.

If I recall correctly the only things not on offer were anal and either CIM or cum on face, or maybe both (sorry, it's escaped my memory after only a few weeks)

Started with kissing and playing with her massive tits (which were surprisingly firm for the size), while she grinded on me.  She gave me covered oral (my preference - assume OWO would be on offer) till I came.  She instigated a second round, but after a while it was clear it wasn't going to happen so I got ready and left.

Venue, attitude and the services i received.
The one  down to me was the 45 minute minimum, I did ask the agency if she would do a 30min as that's my preference.  With it being a last minute booking I hoped it would be possible, unfortunately not.  Knowing this would be too long for just one round, and not long enough for two rounds, I should've saved my money.  I've given this as a negative as I feel the 45 minimum is poor service really and a bit rigid, for instance if I had decided against it, it's unlikely she would've got another booking at that time.
The two main negatives, ie age and inaccurate pics mean this is a neutral and probably a neutral minus at that.

Offline Toshiba

The feeling of disappointment when she looks worse than what you expected is the big downside to punting, the stats seem way out on her

Not for me, ever

Thanks for this

Offline ManInBlack

The feeling of disappointment when she looks worse than what you expected is the big downside to punting, the stats seem way out on her

Not for me, ever

Thanks for this

It's so frustrating.  Why they feel the need to take the piss is beyond me.  If I had known the real stats and seen accurate pictures I wouldn't have bothered, but it's clear from posts on here there's a market for all shapes, sizes and ages, and as I said the service and attitude is good so she would still get plenty bookings by being honest.

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