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Author Topic: Hot Thai Model - Watford  (Read 4697 times)

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Offline johnnyboy61

https://www.adultwork.com/2767573 or https://www.adultwork.com/hot+thai+model

Having visited Mimi at Sala Thai I was intrigued to see that a new profile had popped up in Watford with a beautiful looking Thai girl not dissimilar to Mimi in looks, but offering a full service.  I phoned and said that I wanted an hour with Nicky (the girl in the photos) and asked if OWO was on offer and kissing.  Was told that OWO was £20 extra and couldn't really hear what was being said about kissing (I wasn't necessarily after DFK anyway).  I said that I expected to pay no more than £100 for an hour for a punt that includes OWO and kissing, and in reply was told to come and if the girl liked the look of me she might throw these in for free(!).

The flat is just off Queens Road in Watford, between Watford Junction Station and Watford Town Centre.  Parking wasn't easy and this doubled with an emergency visit to the ATM meant that I was about a quarter of an hour late.  Rang and was told that Nicky wouldn't be free for another 10 minutes, but I was welcome to come inside and wait.  As the fault partly lay with my lateness I was more than happy to wait inside for a few minutes.  I was let into the kitchen by the Madam whose English wasn't wonderful, but who told me that they had been in Peterborough until four days ago.  I could hear the previous punter in the bedroom and I don't know if he had a threesome, but it certainly sounded fun!

I was soon shown to a bedroom and a girl who was clearly not Nicky came to me.  I said that I had specifically requested the girl in the photo and feared that I was the victim of a Bait and Switch as I had been recently with Miss Zoe ( https://www.adultwork.com/2667879 or https://www.adultwork.com/Miss+Zoe+x ). However, spotted Nicky over her shoulder in the hallway (not difficult as I'm a foot taller than her) and after a quick conversation with the Madam I swapped bedrooms to see Nicky.  She is the stunningly beautiful girl in the photos - the tattoos on her upper arm in the third picture confirmed this.  She is confident, jokey and fun, and not your typically demure oriental girl.  She is quite tall for a Thai girl, and is slim with lovely small breasts (afterwards I did fleetingly wonder whether she was a Ladyboy, especially as she was so pretty - but reassured myself as I had a close-up view of her pussy anatomy, and during sex I could feel her pussy muscles grip my cock as she came!).

Reminded her that she was going to throw in the extra services for the £100 p/h and she asked if I was the guy on the phone earlier and confirmed that this was OK - I was still ready to walk at this point even though it was not definitely agreed on the phone beforehand and made sure that I went to the punt with no more than the agreed fee.  Asked for a shower and then offered a massage with oil.  This was no gentle dab, but a proper firm massage, not particularly sensual, but very professional and well done.  Turned around and after she gave my nipples a good suck Nicky went down on me (OWO as agreed) sucking like a 100 vortex Dyson which almost had me coming.  After a while she slipped a condom on and I think she was preparing to get on top when I suggested that she slow down a little.  Asked he to remove her bra - she was reluctant as she is obviously very self-conscious about her small breasts.  I don't really care whether breasts are small or large, as long as they are not fake and they are responsive; small tits do it for me as much as big bangers. I was quite persuasive and she eventually removed her bra and I sucked her nipples which responded well and she seemed to enjoy it.

After a while I invited her to lay back down on the bed (I don't think she is used to punters controlling the direction of the meet) and gave her a cuddle and a kiss and starting feeling her down below.  Receiving oral is on her likes list, but I've no idea if it is extra, and I had no intention of paying more for it.  Slowly removed her knickers and suggested that I went down on her, but she said that she didn't really like it.  I persuaded her that I was good at cunnilingus (didn't use that word though - goodness know what she would have thought it meant) and that I would be gentle and she would enjoy it and she agreed to try it (yeah, like this is the first time a client has done this - not!).  Needless to say she seemed to get into it, and though I'm not convinced that the orgasm was real, she gave it a good go and seemed to genuinely enjoy it.

After a little more OW (remember she had slipped the condom on earlier hoping to move things along) she went on top cowgirl and even though I asked her to take it slowly she quickly started building up quite a pace with all the fake orgasmic noises that so many WGs make.  I like to build up slowly, before finishing like an express train, but I find if a girl takes it too hard and fast from the off I could lie there all night, but nothing is going to happen and I let her get on with it. When she had finished her performance I suggested that we do it doggy style.  Took things at my pace and eventually blew my load into her (covered of course) and by the way her pussy was gripping my cock I think she enjoyed herself too.

She gave me a bit of a scare as I pulled out by saying that I had leaked, and for a moment I thought that the condom had split, however I think that she was referring to her pussy juices (she had already told me when switching to doggy how wet she was getting). She cleaned me up and didn't bother getting dressed herself and saw me off the premises naked, jokingly suggesting that she ought to accompany her to the outside door of the block starkers.

To summarise - very pretty (as in photos), tallish (for oriental), fun, slim, small breasted girl.  English quite good but wants to push things at her own pace, although can be persuaded to let you take control. I didn't push the kissing (DFK and FK not on her likes list), but there was a modicum of light kissing throughout the punt.  After the fake moans there comes a point when I think that she is genuinely enjoying herself. Overall I would have to give the meeting a positive rating, and if I go back hope that I won't need to be quite as persuasive to get what I want out of the punt.

There is another UK review on her from her time in Peterborough, however the AW link in the review at the moment is to the other girl who I was first offered instead of Nicky.  https://www.ukpunting.com/index.php?topic=43821.msg579183;topicseen#msg579183
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3 review(s) found for Gorgeous Lana x linked to in above post (1 positive, 0 neutral, 2 negative)

Offline johnnyboy61

As far as age is concerned, the previous Peterborough review states that she is 31, although the AW profile says 24 and 22 in the main body of the text.  I would put her age in this early twenties bracket, and if she really is in her early thirties she looks extremely young for her age.
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Offline johnnyboy61

Notice that the profile for Nicky has now been taken over by another girl - Anna.  Pictures look a little too professional for the setup that I saw, so possibly a "Bait and Switch" operation.  If you want to see the girl I reviewed suggest you ask for Nicky by name.  Sorry didn't copy any pictures to post of Nicky.
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