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Author Topic: Luna Sweet  (Read 921 times)

Offline LuckyJim1

https://www.adultwork.com/2659055 or https://www.adultwork.com/luna+sweet+xxx
This girl is another Romanian scam
Not the girl in the picture.
As soon as I saw her I said, "you are not the girl in the picture"
She replied, "look again"
I simply turned and walked
She was in Bristol yesterday and is now in WSM
She is much older than her photo

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I swear I've seen those photos on a girl in Plymouth in the past couple of weeks. They must just be using the same photos for any old girl, no matter where they might be.

Good for you for walking Jim......................we all need to do this more often!

Offline LuckyJim1

Mr Kent
It was quite a picture to see her look of disbelief when I walked.
Punter Griffin,the same picture was used in Plymouth earlier in the month. Another photographic lure scam.

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