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Author Topic: Cute_Blonde_xxx - Newport  (Read 744 times)

Offline MikeTBox



Been thinking about arranging something with this girl for some time. I've done a search on here and can't find anything on her. Has anybody had a run in with her?

Relatively new and would rather stick with those I know are genuine ;)


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Offline SirFrank

Great ass but mixed AW feedback which is worrying. There's also a link below to this girl, again not good but part of a 3some
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Offline MikeTBox

Yeah feedback was what had me worried. She did reply to a few though saying she was on holiday. Also seem to be some good reviews. That ass ..... ;D

Offline Corus Boy

I think she may share with Blond Alex, who has a couple of reviews on here, no worries about location or directions and Alex's service was good.


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